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Sep 4, 2005
dear pals and cals,

tomorrow at two i am off to the lung dr. :shock: 3 months ago my vital lung capacity was 32 percent. i would really appreciate your thoughts and prayers. i use the bipap at night only and my last visit all my blood gas levels were normal. any thoughts or ideas.

dar in ohio
Dear Dar,
I will be thinking about you today, and pray that results may be ok. Hang in there!
Hi Dar:

yep... Breathe deep... and blow hard! We'll be thinking of you and hoping for the best!

Hi Dar,
For what its worth, my blood/oxygen levels showed very little change and my CO2 level went down since my last vist to the respiratory lab. I seem to have "levelled off" as he put it. I credit this to some "tweaking" of the bypap and mask. Stay positive, they told me in January that I would be a lot worse by now. They were wrong.
TBear I could say something about your post but I will pass. I'm on a friends computer in Lagoon City.
Dar we are hoping the best for you. I'd have to check my last test results to be sure of my breathing results and I'm not home so I can't say if 32% is good or not.
I'm on Bipap at 18 and 6 and 18 BPM. What are your settings?
Good luck. Al.
Good luck tommorrow Dar, I will be thinking of you. Henry leveled off for about 4 years, stayed the same. I agree with TBear, breathe deep, and blow really hard! We will all be thinking of you.

Stay Strong, Carol
... Al, I drive through Brechin every day get to YQA... ! How long are you there for?

as hard as i tried to breathe deep and blow hard it was all in vain,no matter what mouth piece or mask they tried, they could not get a tight seal with my mouth, even with one technition grabbing my lips and crushing them against the mouth piece. they were successful with the blood and everything cme back normal. :lol: i am graduating to a cough assist machine and a suction device. isnt it fun getting all these new contraptions :? really the best part of the day was coming home in rush hour traffic from cleveland, not my husbands ideal day off. little did he know what was waiting to tohappen at home. speedster my motorized wheel chair picked up a present. yes speedster had to go over a pile of dog doo, and i drug it in the house.needless to say, he spent his evening cleaning carpet :twisted: thanks for your support :!:
Was thinking of you today on the ride home TBear when we saw the sign for Uxbridge. We went up Tues and visited friends in Lagoon City. Came home today(Thurs.) later in the day.
Sorry Dar that things didn't go as well as we all would have liked to have heard. My daughter stepped in a pile at the park last week and it stunk up the car for about a half hour till we got home. Not fun. Just a real fitting end to your day . Right?
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