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Dec 12, 2006
Hi All,

I am considering planning a trip to NYC. This will be my first air travel with a vent, and there are a lot of details to consider. I am interested in hearing from anyone with personal experience using public transportation in NYC from a power wheelchair.


Hi Mike,

In January of 2006 I took my friend Linda to NYC. She did not have a vent or an electric wheelchair but was completely dependent for almost everything.

The first hurdle we faced was transportation from the airport. We hired a private shuttle
with a power lift to meet us at the airport and take us to our hotel in Manhattan. If I remember correctly the cost was about $70.00 each way. Be sure to reserve early and confirm the day of your flight.

American Airlines has a 767 configured with the first row of coach that has seats that recline with footrests and extra large seats. I learned that these are reserved for "handicap" passengers. It took several calls and finally a trip to the AA counter
at our local airport before I was successful booking those seat for our trip. I think it's the 767-300 series planes which are used for non-stop flights coast to coast. Log onto for detailed information regarding seat configuration on most airlines flown.

We found the subway system difficult to manuver because the information regarding stations with wheelchair access was hard to find and incorrect most of the time. We actually were stranded in Brooklyn inside a station because of misinformation.

Our experience with the tourist sites was very good and most enjoyable. The sidewalks are very uneven and we found it hard to manuver even with Linda's light
sports chair.

I would recommend taking a battery operated electric blanket if you are planning a trip during cold weather.

I hope this information is helpful.

Happy trails,
The Big Apple

Good Morning Mike..
Snowy day here in Saratoga. I think it is great you are looking forward to a NYC trip. I just happened to find an article in the Quest-MDA magazine about traveling in NYC. Here are some resources that the magazine listed:

Access New York

Big Apple Greeters Access Program
This free program addresss the needs of travelers with disabilities and provides volunteer opportunities for New Yorkers with disabilities
[email protected]

City Pass
Discounts on tourist attractions, food and more- 888-330-5008

NYC and company
The official NYC tourism organization

Super Shuttle (I checked the site-they mention they have accesible vans)-probably would have to get specifics

Visitor Informatin Counselors
There are five NYC official visitor information centers, located in midtown Manhattan, downtown, chinatown, harlem and the financial district.

Hope this information is helpful.
Fondly, Kelly
:-DThanks Jeanne and Kelly!
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