*Project Fiver* - Petition for my wife with ALS

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Bill The Pony

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Apr 7, 2008
My wife was diagnosed with ALS in December. She's just now 35, and we have a 6 year-old son. I'm trying to do something to give her hope. Please take a moment to read this and help make it happen.

Melissa "Fiver" Kern [\B]has been a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien since she read The Hobbit as a child, and has always loved books. Her heart leaped when she saw the preview for Peter Jackson’s film adaptations of Lord of the Rings, and she has been involved in organizing like-minded "Ringers" in the Southeast for many years now.

In September, she marched with fellow "Lord of the Rings" fans in the annual DragonCon parade in Atlanta. Six months later, and now diagnosed with ALS, she needs my help to walk, climb stairs or get dressed. She has lost use of her right hand and the left is now following suit. She's almost to the point that she can no longer read books, which is how she keeps her mind off the illness while I'm at work.

She is excited that "The Hobbit" is now being made into a movie, but she is apprehensive because it will not be released until 2010. She doesn’t even know if she’ll still be alive when the movie is released. I told her to make that her goal : to be around to see these films in the theater. But we don’t know how this disease will go.

I created PROJECT FIVER[\B] to deliver a petition to Peter Jackson, and the filmmakers, asking that Melissa be cast as a costumed extra in the film. Even if she’s not there when the movies are released, just being part of the production of The Hobbit, even if it’s just sitting at a table in the background, will absolutely mean the world to her. It would be her reason to hang on.

Melissa did not ask for this. Project FIVER is the community and my wish for her. It would a simple thing for a large production company like New Line (Time Warner) to so this, and we're only asking that she be given an extra's part, just a background Hobbit. (Not a re-write of the script, inserting her into the storyline.) This is something simple that would mean the world to someone...who means the world to many of us.

Please help make this happen: Sign the Petition at http://www.ProjectFiver.com

No money is required, just your signature and comments. We have raised almost 3000 signatures last month, and people's connections are getting closer to contact with the filmmakers. Please take a moment to help. She checks the count each day and it gives her such joy to see the signatures and comments from around the world.

Thank you all, and God Bless you all.

-Chris Kern
[email protected]
What a heart-warming story and wonderful idea. I wish your wife every success!
God does work in mysterious ways.

God Bless you both, Melissa.

Good luck, Bill!

Do you have any pictures of her in costume? That might be fun to post!
I signed, good luck!
Saw her wish a while back and signed!

Good Luck you two!
I've just signed and wish you all the luck in the world. Hang in there, Melissa! You'll be there and we'll be watching.
Peace to your family,
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