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Mar 2, 2024
To the moderator that answered me,thank you! I'm having huge trouble navigating this site. I'm not savvy with phones or computer. Where I s the logout button? At times I find it but it's extremely difficult for me. Thanks for your input. He refuses to go in a nursing home which was recommended and is not using the breaching machines as instructed. He wants to live at home but he listens to no one including myself. Is a neurologist the only one to diagnose this disease? He has not seen one yet due to transport trouble with a van to accommodate his wheelchair. The rehab center he left from did apply for medicaid for him but we are awaiting that information or we are just not savvy enough to do it online. I'm gravely concerned as no he can't move nor can I. The 50 price was thru 1 of the private home health care places I contacted . I can't do it alone but he deserves help from me and stronger younger qualified people. It breaks my heart to bits...thanks and I'm sorry i made another thread there was no reply button on your post I apologize.
If you click on your user name in the top right blue area you will get a dropdown menu and logout is at the bottom. Not sure why you need to logout. It just means you have to log on next visit. When I am done i close the window or just navigate away. There should have been a quick reply window at the bottom of your other thread as well as a reply option on the far right of the post you wanted to reply to. Not today but recently I had an issue with those not loading and it resolved when I refreshed the page

Yes a neurologist specifically a neuromuscular neurologist would be the one qualified to diagnose ALS. If he has never seen a neurologist he should of course. Vans can be rented if he doesn’t live somewhere with accessible transit or paratransit programs. Chicago surely has these and the immediate suburbs too but I gather he lives a distance

Agencies are terribly expensive though I didn’t think cnas were that expensive. Licensed nurses would be but are not generally needed but private hire as Laurie mentioned is a cheaper option

Unfortunately you can not force someone to accept care
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