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ruby ben

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Jan 17, 2006
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I have two questions at the moment - many more going around in my head.......
My symptoms so far are my right foot, leg and arm. Ladies - is it possible for my stomach muscles to be affected or am I just looking for an excuse?
Second - I am very, very fortunate that I have no pain so far. Those of you with pain - what causes it?
................ruby from vancouver
there are no "dumb" questions.....

I'm not a "lady" but I'll respond anyway:)

I have fasciculations in my stomach area. My understanding is that if it is a muscle you can move voluntarily, it is affected by als.

As to pain, my understanding is it is a secondary, not primary, result of als. For example, the muscles in my arms cramp painfully at times which is a result of the denervated muscles losing strength and flexibility.
Hi Ruby, als does affect the abdominal muscles in both male & females, i only have pain when my muscles cramp.
A muscle (or even a few fibers of a muscle) that involuntarily (without consciously willing it) contracts is called a "spasm." If the spasm is forceful and sustained, it becomes a cramp. A muscle cramp is thus defined as an involuntarily and forcibly contracted muscle that does not relax

Jeannie xxx
Hi Jeanie,

What a beautiful young woman you are! I love your attitude and desire to live each and everyday with zest. We all should do the same. I learned from my husband, that while we are alive, we have to live. And live we did. Good to hear from you and hope that you are doing fine. God Bless.

Carol xo
Hi Carol, thank you, Its so nice to hear other folks have the same attitude, what else are we suppose to do, sitting dwelling on the matter doesn't help, live every day the best you can is my motto :)

Love Jeannie xxx
Hi Ruby - In addition to stomach muscles twitching - I have twitches across my chest muscles some times - it feels like there is a butterfly under my rib cage.

Still have not experienced any pain - other than when I am cutting something and my hands cramp up.

All part of the wonderful adventure that is ALS.

Lately - I've had some weird feelings - it's almost like a twitch in my diaphragm which forces me to take a deep breath all of a sudden. Anyone else have this?

I'm very impressed by Jeannie too - for such a young women - she has age old wisdom and perspective.

I'm more impressed by Ruby though 'cause she laughs at my jokes.
Please don't ever feel that any question is dumb. My husband has pain and I feel it is cause by the cramping that he gets in his muscles. The lack of use can also cause some pain. When muscles are not being used they will shrink a bit. It is important to try to use the muscles but not over do it. Fatigue will cause pain. I find that my husband does not have a much pain if he has rests periods throughtout the day and evening. Take care.

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