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Apr 14, 2004
Has anyone seen the ads running in the below newspapers?

Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Province and La Presse – Tuesday June 21st and Monday June 27th.National Post – Monday June 20th.

I picked up a copy of the National Post on Monday. Personally, I was very impressed. Obvious, and to the point. Well done to the team who formulated it.
I saw the ad in the National Post and agree that it is well done. Hopefully it wil make people think.
thanks, granny, it had a rawness about it, a direct hit, bold type to grab ones attention, enough to raise an eyebrow.
Hope you saved a copy of it for me to read.
Hi Theresa,
Well you've peaked my curosity so I'm going to go to the library and find out what your talking about. If it has anything to do with awareness or the rights of PALS I know a few nurses and homecare workers that should take a look too.I'm really getting tired of our hick town ways and our lack of education that our health care system has. They've got Tim up against a fence all the time and frankly I'm getting sick of it.
ALS About Loving Someone
Nice to have you home Al, did you bring the heat?

Yes, I the paper saved, I knew you would ask!

sorry Kim, I missed that part of your post, must have scrolled down too quickly.
It is an ad about ALS, awareness. Point blank dramatic, and considering the amount of press we receive, which isn't all that much, the ad is large, about a quarter of the larger pages newspaper.I won't describe it, you will know it when you see it. Check out those papers I listed, and the dates. National Post may be your best bet on June 20.

I wished I had picked up a couple more. Al, I had put it in recycle after, then dragged it out knowing you or anyone else would like to see it. I don't have a scanner. I tried to get into their newspaper site but you have to register and subscribe to the paper. There seems as if there was an article June 25 about an ALS patient, and an article about a local walk. If you go into their site, search ALS and keep scrolling down reading the little headlines, (ALS is also a shortform for a football team I think, so don't get too excited about the number of listings, just read the subtitles). June 25 an article is in the Edmonton Journal. Look at and play around with it. Again, they want money.

If any one has a copy and can scan these articles onto the forum , it will be worth the read.
I was looking on the sites, but I guess I didn't dig hard enough, great job, thats the one.
Wow, those really are powerful. Simple, to the point, meaningful. ME
... with just the right amount of humour and irreverence! Well done whoever (or whomever)!

The ad is definitly well done. Lately I have been pounding my fists and pulling out my hair literally but you know what it doesnt help anyway. I cant even write about it because I wont make any sense but lets just say I've gone back to the angry stage and its because of our system out here. Its pretty bad when some of the home care workers dont want to come and look after Tim because they are scared of him and the disease. How can you possibly afraid of Someone with ALS what are they going to do to you? Its lack of education, knowledge and experience. I just want to scoop him right up and move him somewhere else where they are more aware of this disease. They would all proably be pretty happy too well not all of them thats the problem he does have a couple of really good people which is making their job more difficult too because they have incorporated all these rules now. Well I said I wasnt going to get into this I'm just glad there is more awareness out there and if its money thats going to make this cure work so be it. How come I feel sceptical? I think the answer is already out there its all the closed minds opposed to it that is putting it to a halt. How much money is it really worth to open them up?
ALS About Loving Someone
Kim - It is good to vent; I'm glad you shared your thoughts & feelings. It seems natural to be angry when that kind of response from people is around you. I don't have any answers but I am hear reading and "listening". Melissa
perhaps if they don't have a ton of experience with this disease, the caregivers are afraid. I can relate to it a bit when I have met people in the severe stages of this and caught my breath. Who knows, Kim, you mentioned awareness of the disease, well they are about to learn, and obviously not sure how to cope. As one of our committee members for the walk preaches, while we work to find a resolution, it needs to be fun for those committing their time first and foremost, then awareness, then funding. It is a slow process but not so slow to sacrifice the care of a patient. What rules are you up against?
This appears to be the beginning of a long fight for assitance and recognition. Keep fighting. That is what we are all doing in our own way.
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