Preserving independance

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Jul 9, 2007
Hi All,

I just wanted to mention that my Mom and I have found some pretty neat stuff that has allowed her to maintain her independance and capability throughout these past months of deteriorating mobility.

Lift recliner chair. - It looks like any la-z-boy type recliner, but has a control pad which allows her to be lifted to a fully upright standing position, made a world of difference in getting in and out of her chair, and is soo comfy she can fall asleep in it. Articulates in every way imaginable.

Toilet seat with grab bars - Fits onto any toilet and provides a seated position about 7 or 8 inches higher than without it on the toilet. Also has handles which she can use to assist her in getting up from it.

Remote control deadbolt - Put this on the front door, she has a clicker that works from anywhere in the house and can lock/unlock the front door when she knows someone is coming to visit.

Lever doorknob conversions - Plastic cover that wraps around a standars round or oval doorknob and converts it to a lever, making it easier to open and close. Can be installed or removed in a couple minutes with no tools.

I'll think of more, aside from the common ones that have made a positive impact on her comfort and convinience. Any good website suggestions for items like these that you folks know of?

Sometimes these little things make a world of difference.
The lever door knobs are an absolute MUST.

Never heard of the remote control deadbolt - will definitely be looking into that.

Thanks, Joe.

We found the remote control deadbolt at a site called (they sell safes and such). I was surprised that neither Home Depot or Lowes sell them. I'm sure they can be found elswhere on the web also. Easy install, paid for itself in a week due to the convinience factor.
Joe- this is very helpful information to me, personally! I am having trouble with dead bolts. Thanks for the info. Keep it coming! cindy
All excellent stuff! We have the recliner and it has been amazing for my Dad, it's where he sleeps, he refuses to use his hospital bed. Also, we had a toilet cover like that but he now uses a bedside commode, it's invaluable. I highly recommend bedside commodes, they seriously reduce falls and toileting accidents. The only negative is when the person DOES fall, they may pull the commode over in the process & you end up with an extra mess to clean up. We have had that happen a few times although it is very stable and safe, my father has just progressed to a point where he shouldn't be standing up on his own but he is still too stubborn to change.
remote deadbolt


When I tried to locate tobuyasafe there were no listings. It is located at <>.

lexington, ky.
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