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Nov 17, 2015
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Just sharing..

I downloaded the app and I'm going to pick up my meds today. My Neurontin was running me $90 a month and this app says $11.47. I have prepaid on the app and I'm to show the digital card to the pharmacy and have them use this information instead of my medical insurance.
I also entered some of my other meds and there was a significant price drop. I'm hoping this really works!
I used good rx last year when I had to pay cash for riluzole due to an insurance glitch. It was a lot more than my copay would have been but I did get the quoted price with no problem. I had asked about another drug at a different pharmacy and they said they would honor it too but I ended up not taking that med. that pharmacy was a rite aid and the pharmacist told me about some program that was free that would have given another 5 or 10 dollars off. It was some kind of rite aid shoppers program not any assistance program. Might be worth asking your pharmacist if they have anything like that. I never would have thought to ask and it was not publicized but the pharmacist volunteered the information
I used to pay hundreds each month. Then I learned to ask pharmacists: Is there any way to make this less expensive?

Very often, they would look into their system, then ring up a much lower price.

And Express Scripts seems to be less expensive by mail.

Finally, when I had Express Scripts with my TriCare (military) benefit, my drug price plummeted to near nothing.
Often you can not choose your mailaway service but if you are picking a plan and can tell express scripts which I had last year classifies generic riluzole as specialty which means you have to use a specialty pharmacy. This ended up costing me quite a bit extra. This year I have caremark which fills it as a regular generic drug. Also the one other med I take which is a cheap generic is less than 1/6 what express scripts charged ( both were less than my copay so I paid full cost). So not a fan of express scripts. I hear it used to be better
I'm already running into problems with Silverscript, my Medicare Part D plan. When I bought the policy, I was quoted certain prices and tiers. Now these have changed and one drug is not paid for at all. This is my first month so I might make a change. Fortunately, I have stockpiled most of my drugs. One more pain to deal with.
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