Pray For Freddie Day: 6-30-08

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Jul 14, 2007
Hi folks! Yesterday, June 28th, was a special day for me. I had the honor to meet a very wonderful man, with a heart bigger than Texas. Yes, I am talking about Freddie Everett! I swelled with pride when I walked into his room to meet him. My heart went out to Freddie. I am not going to say I did not break down, I did, but I did a damn good job to hold my sobs, as I did when my Rudy was around. Let me tell you people, Freddie is a sweetheart. No doubt, yes no doubt in my mind, our Savior has a place for him. I love Freddie. Freddie changed me so, just like my son did. Als is a disease that is hated by so many, but it brings folks closer. I don't know what it is about this damn disease, it is dreadful, but the folks that are stricken with it become so loving and courageous! It is as if this is what you have to go through in order to walk the pathway to Heaven!

Yes, we need to make June 30th "Freddie Everett Day." He is a honey, he deserves it. I gave him the smooch I promised him. Jesus, I gave him more than one smooch. I went to the cemetery this morning, and scribbled a note to my son Rudy. I told him I had the honor to meet a wonderful man. I told my Rudy, "Saturday I met a very courageous warrior, and he will remain my friend forever."

To Freddie: Sorry I am a little late in posting, but I want you to know that I will never forget the day I met you. I am so happy I got to meet you, I shook your hand, I held you, and yes I kissed you! Love you Freddie. Good luck, and God bless you. I will not be a stranger, I will visit you some more! Again, LOVE YOU FREDDIE! No good byes, I do not believe in good byes!

Your Loving Friend,
Freddie and Annette,
You'll certainly be in my thoughts tomorrow 6-30-2008 as Freddie gets his trach. I'm so thankful you have so many friends who can be trained and can help you.
May everything go smoothly and may Freddie soon be home again surrounded by loving friends.
Peace and blessings to you both,
Good luck Freddie and Annette!

Hope y'all will keep us informed on how Freddie is doing when you get the chance.

We will all be thinking of y'all!
freddie and annette you are in my thoughts and prayers and i hope everything goes well for you tomorrow.
My thoughts are with your guys tomorrow, and tonight as well. Have one last glass on me! Cindy
My prayers are with you as well. I feel like I know you just from reading your posts. The best of luck and a speedy recovery.

Annette called from Methodist Hospital............

Hi friends, Annette called me at 3:00 pm today as I was leaving the veterinarian's clinic. She called to let us know that they did not do Freddie's trach today as planned. She said they rescheduled it for tomorrow. She said she would keep us posted. Freddie is holding up pretty good she said. She said he was still talking about his birthday party the day beore. God bless Freddie. Freddie is going to be fine, he is a strong man. Freddie and Annette is thanking everyone, and they said they love you all. Keep the prayers a comin.' Thank you all!

Thanks for the update Irma.
Thanks, Irma, and please pass along love and best wishes to Freddie and Annette. May Freddie have a restful night and smooth sailing tomorrow in surgery.
Irma you are an angel. Thanks for letting us know about Freddie and Annette!
Hi, CJ! You and the rest of our buddies are welcome. I do not mind doing this at all. I promised Annette that I would keep you guys posted about Freddie's condition. Freddie went in with a very positive attitude, and I am sure he will be alright. Annette told me the only thing they are worried about is his weight, bless his heart, he's lost quite a bit of weight. Freddie is a fighter, I saw that in him when I met him. Yes, they are doing his trach tomorrow. I will post as soon as I hear from Annette. She said the only thing that sucks is that he will lose his voice after the trach. He will not be able to talk, but knowing Freddie he will find a way, believe me! He is such a good man! If you were to meet him, he'd steal your heart! LOL! Bless his heart, he told me that he felt like he had met Rudy (my son) through me, when he met me. The love in this man's heart is so grand! I fixed him a nice pic of my son, framed it, he just loved it! He asked Annette to put it in front of him where he could see it all the time. I almost cried when he said that. I fixed him a beautiful picture of Jesus, too. Then he told me, "I love pictures of Jesus." Al I know CJ, I thank God I met him. I wish I could do the same with the rest of you folks. There is so much love on this forum, but some of us are so far from each other. God bless you folks, CJ!

Sorry, this is not meant to be a reply, it is only a message that I am trying to get across for my friend Annette! Anyway.....................Annette and I, we talked this afternnon, kinda early! Annette would like for you folks to know that Freddie's trach went well (thanks to our Father)! I thanked God, and was thrilled to hear such good news! Yes, his trach went well, and I believe she said they were going to do his peg, too, but I could not catch whether it was going to be done right after, or at a later day. Freddie was on TV this afternoon at 5:00 pm on Channel 13, he was like a Superstar. Freddie will be alright, I am sure he is going to be on this forum for a long assed time! LOL! Right on Freddie! We love you! God bless!

Thanks for keeping us updated, Irma. This is such good news and Freddie has what it take to get through this.
Best to you, Freddie and Annette, and all PALS and CALS!
thanks Irma for the update!

Hoping everything goes smoothly!

Can you tell us what station we can find Freddie on? Usually the stations have an internet site.
Thanks so much Irma, I've been waiting to here - Praise God!
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