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Oct 2, 2005
I am trying to help my mom with ALS, I have noticed improvements in her attitude and general healthiness after she has been exposed to positive and fun experiences, and after being removed from a stressful environment. This concept may be obvious to most. I would like to hear about other's experiences in this regard, where the power of the brain has had a positive effect on the physical well being. I would also be interested if anyone knows of any studies or research pertaining to this. including psychotherapy.
I wish everyone STRENGTH.
Hi Paul:
I thinkit's like anything else that peolpe respond positively to positive experiences... ned negatively to negative ones. I don't expect that this is a cure but will make the jouney more palatable.
Good Luck

Hi Paul,
I don't know of any studies done, but like Tbear, I agree that positive experiences give us a positive attitude. I could mope around the house all day, and would not feel good physically or mentally, but if I have somewhere to go, something to do, friends to meet, it makes all the difference. We need to keep involved in the pleasures of life as long as we can. It will not cure us, but makes the journey much easier to handle.
Hope your mom has lots of good times to treasure.
Hi Leah,

I agree with you 100%. We all tried to stay positive here for the duration of Henrys illness. I know that it worked for the most part. We had a wonderful love base to start with, so the rest was pretty easy. I was his social committee, his nurse, his wife, his cook, his counsellor, his therapist, his friend, his punching bag, his sounding board, but most of all his partner. We all tried to keep his body and his mind busy for most of the day and this helped him cope better. A busy agenda keeps your mind off of some of the crappy things that are happening. I like to think that there was no amount of money in the world that could have bought the care that my dear Henry had here at home from us. Yes, we were exhausted most of the time, but when we put him to bed at night and he smiled and said thank you I love you all, it was worth every ache in my hurting arms and back, and worth all the extra hundreds of things that I did every week, just out of love. We have no regrets, just wonderful memories, we miss him terribly, we cry alot, but then someone will say, some wisecrack that Henry used to say, and we all start to smile again. Yes, the sun does shine on positive happy people , and I like to think that all of us here are blessed.

Staay Strong,

Carol xo
:wink: Hi Carol! My exact sentiments. I could not agree with you more. I think the main difference between your experience and mine was that you had family to help you and your husband was not a heavy man. I was alone and my husband was heavy.

However, like you, we have those wonderful memories plus the humour to cherish for the rest of our lives. Thank you for your post.

All of us care for others out of pure unconditional LOVE, and thank God that he gave us LOVE.

Pat (aka Snowbird)
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