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Apr 24, 2003
If you come across any server problems, error pages, slow load times or any other website related problem please post here.

We work hard to ensure this site is up and online and we need your help to ensure it stays that way.

This forum thread is actively monitored with "Instant Email Notification".

Happy surfing...
Hi David,

Great job on the site.

Just a couple of minor points.

What time zone is the site set in? Seems to be 5 hours ahead of EST.

Even when I am logged in and it's showing me as being logged in the upper right hand corner - I always get asked to log in again when I try and submit a reply or a post.


Hmm, the logging in problem must be very frustrating, I'll post a message in the vbulletin forums about it to see if someone might have an answer - I myself do not.

Regarding timezone, the board is set to EST (-5 hours from GMT).

You're personal timezone must be set by you, you can click on "User CP", top-left hand corner of the page, and then find the settings in your profile or options (links after entering "User CP" are shown at the bottom left of the page).
I got a reply from vbulletin and they the following:

- try clicking the "remember me" when you login
- they also said that if you're using AOL as your browser you could have problems

As a web developer I'll let you in on a secret, AOL is by far the most difficult browser to make things compatible with, if you are using it, stop now and download or get a copy of Microsoft's IE.
OK David, totally dumb question...How do I post a new thread?
If you visit the homepage of forums; here:, that is a list of forums. When you click one of the forum you are brought to a list of "threads". If you want to start a new thread you click the button named "New Thread". It should be shown once above, and once below the listing of threads.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had the wrong introduction site. I got it figured out now. Thanks for the quick response.
Thanks David.

Problem solved.

I was not checking off the "remember me" box. I've been trying to cut down on cookies - I'm getting fat.

I adjust my time zone.

Keep up the great job and thanks so much for your time.

Don't beleive the "hype"; cookies are completely safe, I promise :)
Hi David,

I'm having a problem with permission to edit my posts. The site recognizes me, I can post ok and sometimes shortly after I post I can edit but then later, the edit icon on my post disappears. Any solutions?



The edit time on posts is set at 10 minutes. This can be changed...I think.

Jeannie or John, what do you think would be a more appropriate window of time to allow editing of posts?
can`t post

every time i post my posts are removed i tryed to post to say hello and everything but my post are always gone when i come back and i am not on members list either and i resistered and everything


Try starting a thread and we'll see what happens. I think you'll show up on the members list when your post count is above a certain number.

We haven't heard of anyone having problems posting, if there's an error message or odd behaviour please report back :D
Often, when I am replying to a post, I get told I have too many words--over 5000. It doesn't seem to take long to get that many, either, so I oftern just say forget it and don't send. Too much work! However, it looks like some other people's posts are longer than what I'm trying to write. Does anyone else have that happen? I do have to admit that I have not really figured everything out on this site. It's definitely trial and error, and then I can't always remember what I did!
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