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May 29, 2007
Hello everyone,
For the past 4 days i have had extreme neck stiffness, and yesterday i started to experience weakness in all of my limbs plus muscle twitching. Its almost like my muscles don't want to work sometimes? Also my jaw muscle feels stiff but, i can swallow just fine as far as i can tell.. i dont really understand what the term "troubled swallowing" means.. i dont seem to have any cramps in my muscles nor any weakness it seems like its perceived weakness like my legs feel as if they dont want to work sometimes but they do.. (If that makes any sense.) I seem to have shakiness in all of my limbs at times. but my coordination seems to be just fine, i never drop or stumble over anything. I am not sure if this is anxiety and im overreacting or possible onset of ALS. This all happened in about 2 days so im not really sure how fast ALS occurs in people. If anyone can tell me what i should do next, or if this sounds like possible ALS and if it is possible ALS since this symptoms came on so fast does that mean very bad news? Thanks for all your help!
you need to go to a doctor and run standard blood test.

YOu probably have Guillian Barre syndrome, which is curable with some antibiotics and only last a short time.

You DON"T HAVE ALS, that's way too quick for als.

Good luck


That about sums it up Jamie. Forget ALS monkey. It isn't happening.
Also today i noticed the bottom of my tongue felt swollen and kinda weak, plus producing more saliva than usual? Has anyone ever heard of ALS causing this? I do think i have a virus also but it just scared me that it was affecting my reflex's ect.
Have you been to the dr. yet?
No not yet.. was waiting to see if this would go away but now i have twitching and what almost feels like my muscles are wanting to cramp in my left arm. I guess i really need to go, just really scared about what may be going on :cry:
Your likely freaking for nothing.

You must get to a dr soon, in case it's viral.

Again, what you describe is way....we all mean wayyyyy to quick ok! Way to quick for ALS. We all agree here and there are probably 50 people here with MND and more than likely, none of them have had the symptoms appear as fast as you describe.

It's something else. Go to the doc and figure it out.


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