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Oct 11, 2007
Learn about ALS
arlington heights
am 35 years old male. For the passed 6 to 7 months I have constant had muscle twitches. They first seem to have started in my left bicep. Now I have the in left bicept and left shoulder all the time and All over my body it seems.My walking seems akward- its ok for most of the day but few times a day i will feel akward . I seem to limp for few seconds and it goes away.I went to a doct to check for any muscle loss or pathy and he can not see any. My left arm and shoulder is littler weaker that right. But I can olny notice this when I wouk out with heavy weight. I have seen a neuro who so far did whole bunch of blood tests and EMG and MRI. Blood wook showed CK elevated to 328. Emg showed fasiculations all over abd damaged nerve supply in my left leg. He also did nerve conduction test and he said its not severe. I dont know what that means.He is now doing Motor neuopathy profile test and I think he will be finished - I think he is really leaning to ALS.
And did EMG show anything? Or it was clean except fascics? Since fascics only are benign, they are malign only when accompanished with large MUPs, positive sharp waves and especially fibrillations - "twitching" of muscle fibers that can be detect only with EMG. Thats ALS sign, fascics without this is most likely not ALS.
Neuropathy itself its not ALS, its kind of disorder.

PS: What about reflexes? What about Babinsky sign, Hoffmans sign, jaw jerk...? Did your neuro told you that you had brisk reflexes?
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