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Apr 2, 2007
Hi Everyone - I have posted here once before and need some advise again. About three to four weeks ago I noticed that my right leg, the outer muscle right next to your Shin was hurting. I didn't think much of it and thought it was from my heals that I had been wearing. Well a couple of days later I thought I noticed that I had a dent on the outer lower leg, close to where my muscle hurt. I got frantic. I thought for sure that I had ALS. I was so scared I called the oncall Neuro. and he said that for one, ALS is not painful and two to have ALS at your age(I'm 28, female) would be very rare. He pretty much reassured me that if it was something, it didn't sounds related to ALS. I also went into my general doctor and she said she didn't see anything and said that I don't have ALS. She checked my reflexes in my legs and she said they were great and that they wouldn't be if I did. After throughly examining my two legs myself I do notice that my out muscle is smaller than my left leg, though when I go to measure my right leg it bigger. I have compared the two I don't know how many times. It's only when I flex my muscle that I notice the difference. Anyway, I'm not sure if I am now imaging things. My leg does still hurt as well as my calf. I haven't noticed any weakness. I am scheduled to have a EMG done on the 26th with my neuro. I better add that I am 35 almost 36 weeks pregnant. A little background, I have been twitching for 2 year now. I had an EMG done probably about a year to year and half ago, which was normal. I've seen two neuro's both of which say I have BFS. Can anyone give me some advise on my new symptom. I can't stop thinking about this and it's scaring me. Thanks!
Sounds like shin splint to me. Have you been wearing heels and changed to flats or vice versa?
Remember also that being pg in the late months puts strain on every single muscle, not to mention the fact that your center of gravity shifts. Aches and pains are totally normal in the 3rd trimester. I wouldnt worry about it. You need to get all the sleep you can right now because in 5wks, you will be up every 3hrs and wishing you'd made the most of your opportunity to sleep when you had it!
How sad that you are worrying about ALS when you should be concentrating on that new baby, you have nothing that remotely sounds like ALS You are carrying more weight right now It makes more sense that it is from muscle stress from the extra weight of the baby. About twitching for two years if it were ALS you would have weakness by now RELAX injoy that baby god bless you both, Pat
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