Porch Lift and Bathroom Pictures

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May 25, 2004
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Hopefully the link will work this time. Some have asked to see the porch lift and bathroom that we had installed. Click on the link and then on the Lift album and then on slideshow. There are some pictures of Palawan in the Phlippines you might like to look at. We were there in 2002/03 and it is beautiful.


Link not working Go to next one in message # 9.
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clicked on and got yahoo sign on, after signing got nothing?
That shouldn't happen. Darn yahoo. I've been having trouble with their program lately.
I just signed in under 2 different names and it worked ok. Don't know what to say.
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I had the same problem as Tracy. I signed on under both my Yahoo accounts no go. They say you can share friends photos with an email invitation. I added ph to my friends list but still no photos. I would love to see them. Can you send me an email at my yahoo account [email protected]. I'll let you know what happens.

Sorry about this guys but I just had a friend try it on my computer with her ID's and it wouldn't work for her. Some it will some it won't. Sooo if you really want to see the pictures send me a Private Message with your email and I'll send you a personal invitation or email me at [email protected]
Here is a solution to your photo problem. Go to the web site called: ImageCave.com. There you can upload your photos, create your own albums and make it available to everyone! It is easy to use and easy for everyone to access. NO PASSWORD NEEDED! (except for the creator of the album to make your photos secure)
So go there and see what you think. While you are there, you can click on my photos and see the new smoker grill I built this past Spring. Here is the link:


Just click on the word "smoker" to view the photos. Then just click on the photo you want to see and it will be shown full size on your screen. Hope you like the pig! It sure tasted good. We fed 50 people at my house with that baby.

Any way - I need to shut up about my love of cooking Bar B Q. Just go to ImageCave.com and upload those picturers. I want to see your bathroom. We are in the process of adding a new bedroom onto our house to prepare for my possible future needs. Hope this has been some help. Have a great day. Rick
Hi Rick,
We have a smoker that is almost like yours. We are Memphis born and we LOVE BBQ. We did a 125lb pig for the 4th of July and fed about 75. We will probably do it agian in Nov. We love it too. And I hope Al gets his pics up and running because we are doing or bath room and building a porch lift as well. I have a friend who is an engineer and he is designing one, hopefully at a hugh savings, because they are so expensive.
Thanks Rick. I saw the smoker. I'll put my pics in there. We were at a friends place on the 19th of Aug for a pig roast. He has a North Carolina pig roaster. It looks similar to yours but uses propane to cook. Not quite as tasty as real wood or charcoal but real good just the same. We've been in Cuba a lot and had the pig roasting on a spit turned for 8 hours over a charcoal fire by hand. Now that was good. Thanks for the info. AL.

I can see the kids doing WALK THE PLANK PIRATE games already!

ps this is great being invited in your home to see the mods, thanks
Great Job Al Looks very nice

With 14 grandchildren I can imagine mine doing walk the plank games also. Really like the design of your bathroom. We are trying to figure out what to do with ours now. Have a great day AL. Again, good job.
God Bless,
Big AL
Never thought about the plank thing. Now you got me thinking I need a better latch system. What the heck it's only 5 feet or so. Worst we'll get is a couple broken legs. Serves em right for playing around my lift. Just kidding guys.
Great lift! Was it difficult to install? Love your border collie, too! We have a border collie and English springer mix...she's the sweetest dog ever! We just redid Kathy's bathroom to include an accessible shower, more room around the toilet for grab bars, and a sink she can roll up to. Her shower's floor slopes the other way than yours, though. It slopes a little into the shower so that the water wouldn't drain out and all over their floor...but since the bathroom is adjacent to her dining room, the situation is probably different. We also built half-walls on either side of the shower so that someone could help her easier. I can ask her if it would be okay to put pictures of it online if you want.

Sure wouldn't hurt to post pics, people are looking for ideas of what works and what doesn't. . Although it doesn't show it well the shower floor is sloped into the shower as well as on the outside to allow a shower chair to be rolled in. With the curtain closed no water drips or rolls out onto the bathroom floor.
The lift company installed the lift and 2 friends and my brother built the wood bridge. The concrete was poured by a concrete company.
We have 2 borders, a rough coat and a prick eared smooth coat. Both great dogs.
Well it is good to see that my suggestion of another photo website worked for those great photos of your bath and lift/ramp. I too am in the process of adding a new bedroom and bath due to my house being a split level. All the bedrooms are up the stairs! Right now I can do it ok. But getting ready for tomorrow, my wife and I agreed to add a bedroom/bath on the lower level of our house. This would be the same as the kitchen, den, playroom, dining room and the front entrace door. I too would like to see more photos of bathroom modifications or designs. We at this time are only talking to two contractors. But we plan to start real soon. So any designs or photos you can post on this website would be great. Or just email them to me.

Oh yea, I am firing up that new smoker grill of mine tomorrow that I showed ya'll in my link listed above in a earlier reply. I am cooking for our Memphis, TN ALS Support Chapter get together for PALS and caregivers. We expect 30 people for the event. I will be cooking ribs and chicken. The only problem I have with the ribs I cook is that they will not cut up to good. When I go to cut them, they just fall apart. TOO TENDER! (Not a real problem - just thought I would bug you a little) I love to cook ribs. I will have them babies on that smoker for 5 hours. Wish I could give each and every one of you a bite!

Have a great weekend. Rick
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