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Dec 23, 2007
Hi,its me ..the newbie...just thought i'd list a few symptoms of PLS,that every website i go to list as common pls symptoms........muscle weakness,muscle cramps,muscle spasms,spasticity,slurred speech,balance issues,sometimes swallowing difficulties.
hi michelle. you sound just like me, same symptoms but also hypotonicity(loss of muscle tone/lmn sign). i am 40,been ill 8yrs. ruled out everything , including genetic test that look for hsp ,all clear. neuro told me its like hsp. sporadic sp with umn symptoms in upper body is pls. i have slight lmn signs so not sure if is pls or umn onset als
Hi Olly,

What was your first symtom? Many times bulbar (speech) onset upper motor neuron is slower progressing. Bulbar onset ALS is very aggressive, but bulbar onset pls is much much slower.

Has your progression been slow?
hi sral

it started in my legs and has spread upward,now my speach and swallowing abit,i have hip girdle limb muscle weakness and now im getting joint contrations in my shoulders, got all umn signs,but a few lower like hypotonicity(loss of muscle tone)but no atrophy,also get fassc that come and go. so not sure if pls or umn onset als.but it has been 8yrs so pls sounds good,just hope lmn signs dont progress .ive joined a web group on yahoo called pls friends,they are great to talk to you should pls symptoms have progreesd fast and my body is deteriorating(what do you expect when you hit the big 4o lol). ill find the wed site for you.
hi sral

the web site is [email protected]----------they are a brillient lot and very supportive let me know if you get through.:-D
Olly I was a member there for many years . Problem is The words support to me means everyone partakes
in supporting everyone else . Over there you have the little clicks as you'll find, especially when go to an event . and also some people never add to the group all they do is tear down what others try to do . But over all, Mark (the owner ) is a great guy and yes there are some really nice folks there . Geo
Go to at the left click on groups / then type in PLS Friends in search for group /

i joined afew days ago and ive met alot of people i can relate to and have given me good pls is so rare even in usa its even rarer here in uk and its good to be able to talk to people about it as you dont get much info from docs. i feel very isolated and alone with this,going to find out if theres a support group in my county but i think there is not one and you have to go to als/mnd support group.
thanks Olly and Geo.

I appreciate the advice.
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