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Feb 27, 2008
Friend was DX
Hi All,

New to these forums but have been learning heaps for a good friend of mine (aged 60) who's recently being diagnosed with MND (Nov 07). However, she has been back to see the consultant (Feb 08) and he's said she's not got ALS as she shows no signs of bulbar palsy and her lung function tests are excellent.

Her symptoms so far have been loss of muscle tone in her hands, and severe leg cramps and fasciculations in her arms and legs. She first noticed symptoms 12 months ago (so has not progressed rapidly) and she is still active and independant.

Anyone know where I can find out more info on the other forms of MND (PLS and PMA) to find out which one she's likely to have? So she can know what to expect in terms of progression etc.

She's not due to see the consultant now till July.

Thanks in advance
Hello. Good for you to try to figure out what is going on with your friend! There are several of us who have weakness and atrophy but no DX yet. I am told the longer it takes to get a DX, the slower moving the condition is, which is always good!
Hi Cindy,

Thanks for your quick relpy. I've read about PMA and PLS, and see that they're considered 'milder' forms of ALS, but that they appear to progress rather differently (and indeed affect different parts of the nerves).

From what I've said in my OP, anyone have any indication of which one it is?
From what I have learned the UK does not usually diagnosed. als or pls or pma directly, they call of them simply Motor Neuron Diseases. I would think the doctor is looking at the slow progression, and probably EMG results to come up with his conclusion. Pls can turn into als also, find out more about the testing results, and that may clear up things a little. It is great for you to care so much, write back with anymore info you may have. Hoping
PMA is loss of Lower Motor Neurons (LMN) only.
PLS is loss of Upper Motor Neurons (UMN) only.
ALS is loss of both LMN and UMN.
Over the course of time it's possible for PMA or PLS to develop into ALS.

Muscle wasting and fascs are signs of LMA. The UMA signs are harder to detect, but are indicated by an abnormal Babinski reflex or by exaggerated reflexes elsewhere.

hi mnokey

i am in wakefield, i have all umn signs/symptoms and also have hypotonicity/lmn.
i 've been given diagnosed mnd,but not pls/als yet. emg will sort that out.
i go to mnd clinic on 20th march to see dr johnson at st james.
i've learnt you need other neuro's opinions,if your not happy with diagnosed
nice to meet someone in the next town lol.
Hi mnokey

just to say that if you go into the MND association website (
click on 'life with MND' and then PMA/PLS you will find quite a bit of information, which maybe of help.
good luck
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