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Jan 29, 2013
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Essential information for the newly diagnosed!

This is my magnum opus.

This, along with my other documents and efforts to support the ALS community, is how I justify my continued existence and attempt to make amends for a lifetime of hubris.

I have just begun my 7th year post diagnosis and I have been revising, updating and tweaking this document throughout.

To make it as useful and informative as possible, I am asking for any and all comments.

Version 14 will see a section on Wheelchair vans, a link to the Team Gleason PWC doc, and will see the (lengthy and hard to write) web links replaced with 'tiny urls'. The latter will make it easier for those with printed copies to access the web sites.

Note that some of the pictures are active web links.
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even it doesnt apply to me, it is very useful. thank you in the name of all pals who will find it sometime, somewhere in some other format...
Wonderful comprehensive document with good advice for both PALS and CALS. It’s nice to be able to benefit from your 7 years of experience.

And I also think there should be a sticky with a link to this document so we could reference it quickly.

it's an amazing piece of work and I'm sure will benefit many PALS and CALS in the years ahead. Thank you, Kate
Wow some great info and links Greg. My only comment is that PALs need to be really careful in the pool. I went from being a strong swimmer to almost drowning in 3 ft of water. It was a bit of a shock since I am still at the walker stage and have some loss in my arms but not much.

gdk: added "Be sure to have your cALS with you for water exercises. ALS progression is insidious and we pALS often suffer from denial you may not realize you’ve lost ability until it’s too late, and failing in a pool could prove fatal."
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Thank you for the comments to date.

Unfortunately it's been pointed out that the attached document violates the forum rules as it contains links to web pages with Donate links.

I have removed the offending document and am locking the thread.

Again, thank you. :cool:
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