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Mar 30, 2007
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first i want to say i am praying for all of you who have been diagnosed with als and those who care for those with it. also for those of you who like myself are questioning if they have it or not. I am going to and mda/als clinic tomorrow to see a specalist so i was hopeing you would all pray for me that what i have is not als and it is something else. I know it might be sad to think I would even except a diagnosed of ms anything but als please god. well have a good day everyone and god bless

thank you annmarie. I am so so scared i just have a bad feeling about this for some reason not sure why. it is in my mind that i have als and i am so scared for my wife and especially my daughter. the reason i am so scared is this time it just seems different then the times before. maybe it is ms because when it comes back it can come back worse. this has been eating away at my mind so much. i tried to have fun this weekend with family but all i could think of was the worst case that it might be my last time to do things with them the way i did it. well i will keep chatting and let everyone know how things go. the downside about the appointment tomorrow is it is my first one so i doubt any test will be done on first day but never know. keep my figures crossed

I hope your appt. tomorrow gives you some answers. I really think things will work out good for you. I will pray for you and let us know how it works out. You will probably be exhausted after your appt. I think between all the testing and the high anxiety of the appt. make it a long day. But, I think you will go home feeling great about it. Good luck. Leslie
i am so scared all i can do is think about this. my ankle seems weak today on my right side. i don t want this please please god no als please all of you pray for me. does anyone know if they will do emg the first day at a als/mad clinic or will i have to come back for more test later down the line
Some do the test the same day, but they usually tell you ahead of time. I know how scared you are, but your nerves and anxiety can cause your symptoms to be worse. You don't want your doc to think you have high anxiety because then he won't be able to clearly see your signs and symptoms. So, please, take a deep breath and think about how you will be okay no matter are alive now and can make the best of your life. Leslie
first i would like to thank all of you who said prays for me. The appointment went well the emg was clean in my limbs and tounge overall good. i am still concerned there still might be a chance of bulbar als has i know you cannot know for sure with an emg. i still have some slurry speach and clearing of my voice. i am taking this one day at a time and hope the doctor was right and i do not have als. i pray for all of you who do have it and for those who care for them also. the next step is to find out what is going on with me maybe it is masasynia (SP) gravis which can cause some of the same symptoms so blood work coming up for that.
That is great news Steve.

Good luck with the bloodwork.
I am really happy for you Steve! Hopefully now the docs can figure out what is going on. It may be challenging, but at least you can be happy about your EMG. Leslie
Steve, glad to hear that your EMG came out good. Will be praying for you that they can figure out the problem. Billy,
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