Please, please help. I am really scared


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Jun 10, 2024
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Idaho Falls
Hello, my name is Brittany and I am a 34 yr old female. Let me tell you about my symptoms. Muscle fusiculations started in my right leg 2 months ago. Since then they have moved to my entire body, including tongue. The fusiculations get worse if I am more active. Now my mouth and jaw feels as if it vibrates? (if that is the correct term) I did have an allergic reaction to medication around the time the muscle twitching stared, but my doctor said that it wouldn't be related.
I have weakness and my legs don't feel like my own, as if they are super heavy or will buckle under my weight. My hands also feel like they aren't working how they usually do. I am also dropping things that I have never noticed in the past. I have dizziness and horrible memory fog. I have to wait months to see a neurologist, but my PCP did all bloodwork and an MRI, all normal.
Can you please help me and tell me if you had similar symptoms? No one is giving me answers and I have to wait until November to be seen my neurology. Of course, google says ALS, but I wanted to talk to a community because this is all happening so fast.

Please help me and thank you so much for your time.
Stay off Google -- not your friend in this.

Your story, that includes widespread twitching, does not sound like ALS at all. I am sure the neurology visit will be reassuring. Meanwhile, focusing on sleep, nutrition, and fitness could do no harm.

A postviral syndrome and/or effects from the medication is still a possibility, even with clean bloodwork.
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