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Feb 8, 2019
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Last December I noticed that my lower arms, wrists and fingers felt a bit weaker. I seem a lot more clumsy with my hands, knocking things over often and dropping things a lot. I went to the doctors and she did a standard neuro test that was normal. Pushing on her hands, squeezing her fingers checking my reflexes and my sense of feeling on my arms and legs. She did however set me up for an EMG which is scheduled for March 6th. In the last 2 weeks I've started having muscle twitching in my arms, legs and face. They are more persistent in my calves and upper legs. They normally only occur at night when am lying down or when I am completely relaxed.

Now, this part is why I SHOULD know that I DO NOT have ALS but, my brain just will not let it go. I read the "READ BEFORE POSTING" and another post titled something along the lines of "Why you (Most Likely) dont have ALS". I can button my shirt just fine, I can write, I can use my cell, I can even play PS4 with no issues. I can walk on my toes and heels and I dont slur my speech. My hands, legs and arms do not show ANY sign of atrophy nor does my tongue. My brain just WILL NOT let it go. I hate the fact that I'm even bothering those of you that have to live with this awful disease just because I have this horrible anxiety over it. Waiting for the EMG date to get here so I can hear the doctor tell me I have nothing to worry about seems like its taking forever. So, I guess in my head, hearing from those who know first hand is just as re-assuring in the mean time.

Again, I apologize for bothering any of you with this, I just am hoping it will give me that peace of mind to keep myself moving between now and my EMG. Please, by all means, be as brutally honest as you need. Maybe its what I need to shake this off and get on with my life. And yes, I do have HORRIBLE anxiety issues that I am currently working through with my doctor. I just want to move past this. Thank you all in advance for any input and god bless!
You’ve read the sticky. Great!!

So, you’ve reported “feels weak”, normal neuro exam, and no muscle function failure.

You know what we’re going to say.

The real question is will you buy it after your EMG comes back clean and your neurologist tells you the same thing?
The real question is will you buy it after your EMG comes back clean and your neurologist tells you the same thing?

Yes. Simply because I believe 99.9% of my issues are cause by my anxiety. Seeing test results has always set my mind to rest in the past.

I'm sure anyone here that has anxiety issues can relate to wanting to let something go so badly but something deep in your brain just keeps going back to it. Then, the more you think about it, the more you "think" you're having symptoms. I literally pulled a dress shirt out of my closet and buttoned and unbuttoned a dozen times to be sure, I walk all over the house on my tip toes, I constantly ask my wife if I'm slurring because MY BRAIN thinks I am. its horrible. My PCP diagnosed me with GAD recently and has since put me on Lexapro and low dose Xanax. I'll be glad when the SSRI kicks in and helps me to calm down. I'm also working on getting in to see a psychiatrist to help with my anxiety as well.

It just helps to hear a little reassurance while I wait for my test. I'm hoping this will be my first and only post here.

Thank you so much for your reply!

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Just a quick question. Will bulbar on set cause your tongue to feel swollen or sore? And my speech isnt slurred exactly but I am having trouble with my t's and my S's.
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Please refer back to the post with regards to reference to pain, etc.

Please understand that the people here have ALS or are caregivers and come for support in their own lives. While they kindly answer some questions, this forum is not a place to come to receive support from ALS sufferers for what looks like a serious case of health anxiety. Speak with your doctor and seek help with stress management while you wait for your EMG if you are unable to stop focusing on a disease you really don't show signs of having.

Take care.
Stig, many of us stumble over pronunciation in dry winters. Bulbar onset has nothing to do with tongue soreness, either. Drink more liquids, avoid acidic juices/foods, use a sugar free cough drop, etc.

Please follow your plans to manage your anxiety and move past your groundless fears.

I agree that this is all 99% anxiety. It's just odd to me that I am having trouble saying words so frequently and they my tongue feels so odd. I have difficulty swallowing most days but I try to blame that on my eosinophilic esophagitis. I can still stick my tongue out and push my cheeks out with it and touch the roof of my mouth. It just feels like its swollen and has a weight sitting on the center of it. Its maddening to worry about it all day. Again I apologize for bothering you all with this. I know you have much more relevant things to deal with.
Stig, please visit with your doctor. This is not the place to continue listing issues once people have answered you about ALS. Closing this thread. Please don't open another.
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