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Jan 9, 2013
Learn about ALS
Hello last 5 month have been very hard for me i really nervous and afraid that i have als it all started as a tinging in legs then i had constant hands and upper back pain last 1 month my back and hands paiin mostly gone and now my legs ache from hips to outter calfs this pain is constant never completely leaves it only moves from time to time my calfs hurt then my hips also i have twiching through my whole body not severe i cant sleep for more than 3-4 hours a day i dont feel my musscles weak only when i try to put pressure to them or do a very demanding physican activity i am in pain my neuro says almost impossible for someone at your age and with these symptomps to ave als but i would like to hear your opinion also.
Thank you.
Sad that for all the pain you are having. It is also bad that you are having such little sleep.

What else did your neuro. tell you? What does he/she think is causing your pain? We're any tests done? We're you given medicine? Are you supposed to see him/her again? Do you have a GP as well trying to figure things out for you?

In my experience and from what I have learned, tingling is NOT a symptom of ALS.
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Listen to your neuro.
Wenz today Ägäin and he did some other Tests with Neddles and Electric cables he Said i dont have something serius Maybe something Else but Need at least a Year before diagnosis but i am afraid also i have twichingg and my leg muscles are Hard but he told me it is Brause i use to work Out a Lot any advice?
You do not appear to have a deep grasp of the neuro consultation and test results. i would urge you to contact your primary care physician and make an appointment. He or she sould have details of your test results (or can get them). Bring a trusted friend or family member with you to take notes as your PCP explains everything to you including what the next steps should be to address your health concerns.
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