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Jan 28, 2019
Learn about ALS
Hello everyone, and sorry for my thread.It took me while to get the nerve to post here because i really think the best of you wonderfull people, but i am very freaked out.

It all started 2 months ago when i got some fasciculation on my right upper leg.Since than, i started to have widebody fasciculations and i feel a weakness in my right arm and leg.When it all started I went to a neuro that told me i need to do some blood checks and a EMG.My blood test came in good , the only thing i have is a lower level of folic serum.Needles to say, my EMG exam was normal, but the fasciculations never stopped.. I have them sometimes with lower intensity, other times i feel them harder.A few days ago i started to have a weird sensation in my chin.I checked my tongue a million times and it doesn;t seem to be any fasciculations on it.Everytime I take a hot shower, i feel my hand and leg weaker, and a few days ago i started to have muscle pain and cramps.I went to see another neuro that told me, because of the EMG.. i don't have to worry.But now my face started to twitch sometimes.I am really scared.I went to another neuro yesteday and told me i should think i have als.I wanted to ask you people.Is it possible that my first symptoms started as widespread fasciculations and the EMG didn;t peak up anything because it started with bulbar onset? I only feel a slight thing in my chin and i feel my tongue is swollen with some pins and needles.What do you guys think.I sorry to bother you ! Tnx for you precious time.
A normal EMG points away from ALS. No it wasn't done wrong and it wasn't done too early. Everything else starts with "it feels". We don't get strange feelings, I feel normal I just have muscles that don't work. The good news is you are free to go. I don't see ALS. Fasciculations on their own aren't diagnostic of anything.
Thank you Vincent.You are very helpfull, but i am still noticing some muscle waisting in my hand.I hope not to boughter, but, people with als dont just wake up with a sudden atrophy ..(i thinK, thats why I am asking) .. there must be a sign.. And what i wanted to ask you is, in the first 3 months are there any changes in the way you walk or muscle strenght... pain, cramps.Thank you for youre time.It means alot
Hello again.For a few days now i've experinced loss of balance.My walking is a bit of on the right side, and when i do the heel to toe walk, i get off balance.. when i do this with my eyes closed.. i fall.Still i feel pain and weakness in right arm and leg, and the fasciculations didn't stop.Sorry to boughter you nice people, but i read so much threads about clean emg with als, that it freaks me out.Tnx 4 youre time
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