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Jun 30, 2008
Learn about ALS
hi guys im new here and need some help i have really bad anxiety and just got on medicine for it about 4 weeks ago but anyways i have been having alot and i mean alt of fasciculations all over my body all day long for about 6 months or longer and they have gotten worse but i have had no weakness at all but the one in my lower leg never goes away it moves constantly all day it justb movin i dont even feel it half of the time ill just look and its movin and the one in my other leg just above my knee moves and jumpps so bad u can see it through my clothes and some days its bad and some days its not there but latley that has not gone away but i get them all over there in my arms theyfeel like little bubble feelings and somne just feel like little jerking feelings and ill lok and they jumpind but i went to the neuro yesterday and he did two tests a ncv wich was normal and a emg and the emg had fasciculations all over but he said that nothing else was wrong but the fasciculations on the emg but he told me i did not have als and i should not worry and he said i had bfs my question is is this bad i had alot of fasciculations in my emg dose that mean i have als and if ive had fasciculations for this long wouldnt i have shown some kind of weakness by now but anyways im freaking out cuz he said he is going to send me to a als specialists why would he do that if he dosent think its als and i asked him that and he said hes doin it so i can get reassurence that this is not als cuz im frekin out so much but i dont belive that but anyways if my ncv was normal is this a good sign and if it was als wouldnt it be not normal and if there was nothing else in the emg but just fasciculatios all over than is this a good sign and can bfs show up on a emg
Hey Trey

I have to start by saying that that was one of the hardest threads I have had to read on here. Doesn't your computer have a "period" button? :) If it does, could you please use it next time? :-D I'm kind of joking but it sure would make it easier on us.

Anyway, if you have been twitching for over 6 months and have no signs of weakness or atrophy or brisk reflexes, then that is a very good sign. Fasics show-up on an EMG whether they're benign or pathologic and good neuros can tell the difference (this wasn't always the case). If all your neuro saw was benign fasics with no other problems (e.g. positive sharp waves and fibrillations, which would indicate active denervation and large motor unit potentials, which would indicate chronic denervation), then that is also a very good sign.

Your neuro probably saw how worried you were and wanted to relieve your fears, so he/she is sending you to an ALS specialist. That is fantastic; you're lucky because that will definitely give you peace of mind.

I would have to agree with your present neuro given everything you have stated: sure sounds like BFS. Sit tight until the ALS specialist confirms that diagnosis.
thanks for your advice but so your saying that bfs can show up on a emg and is it a good sign if the ncv was normal if i had als wouldnt the ncv not be normal and can bfs be this severe like i cant begin to explain how severe it is im having fascics all over as we speak but there is two that never go away they are ther all day they dont stop movin and u can see them through my clothes all day and he did say my emg was not normal because of the fascics so dose that mean everything else was fine but even after he did the emg he still said i did not have als but im scared he said my emg was not normal but he said something like my motor units were fine what dose he mean by that
He means you're fine. You are not going to die. From worry maybe but not from BFS.
wright.........from the bottom of my are a sweetheart, but please, oh please, give trey a break! I was not, and still am not too "computer savvy," he is suffering enough, don't you think so? give him/her a break! god bless you!

Actually Irma, maybe Wright was doing Trey a favor. The post showed a lot of anxiety and getting Trey to slow down even just a bit might help him or her. As would taking a second look at what he or she posted. Myself, I always benefit from a little feedback on how my behavior is coming across.
please read i need advice bad

im freakin out i have been having fasciculations for about 6 months or more now i finally went to the neuro and he swal them himself and said it was benign but he ran a nvc and it was normal and he ran a emg and the emg had alot of fasciculations but the motor unit contractions where normal can benign fasciculations show up on a emg?and if they where benign fascics would they have shown up on the emg that bad? and if i had als wouldnt the nvc not be normal? but anyways he told me i did not have als but he is sending me to a als specialts and i asked him why and he said to reassure me cuz im freakin out wich i am i have been under alot of anxiety for the past year and im scared the twitching will not stop no matter what i do im twitching right now but its weird cuz the one in my right leg just above my knee will not stop it jumps and twitches all day u can see it through my clothes all day and the one in my lower left leg is the same way and the ones in my arms come and go they where real bad yesterday and i get these little bubble feelings all over like little mini twitches and i do not have any wekness that i know of and if i had weakness wouldnt i know it? im scared and wanted an opinion from yhall real bad but the neuro did tell me i did not have als but whay is he sending me to an als specialst then but im scared cuz he said i had alot of fasciculations in every muscle he poked but did not think it was als all of my other tests was normal and he said this is not als im tryin to belive him but the twitching just dosent stop at all no matter what i do and it reminds me that it is there all the time i cant get it off my mind its iterfearing with work and my life i need some reassurince and need advice please help but can benign fasciculations be this bad and if fascicul;ations show up on a emg is this an indicator that this is als
Hey Irma

I was really just joking with him. I thought I would lend some levity to the situation. Oh well, I guess it just didn't come across over the internet.

P.S. Irma, you're a sweetheart too. :-D
Sound Advice

You crack me up! :) I love your matter-of-fact approach. I always enjoying reading your entries.

One of the problems with reading words is the absence of inflection. Your medical knowledge appears to have helped a lot of people on this forum. I'm sure you've gotten toughened skin by now from being misunderstood from time to time. The combination of experiences from forum members gives those looking in a broad base of information. I know I have learned so very much, and each person has added to my education for MND.

You are always so kind and so dear. You're son is so blessed to have you and you are blessed to have him waiting for you to come to him when it is your appointed time.

My heart goes out to you because we share a lot of the same struggles with loss of function while still appearing to be "normal".

Thank you ALL for your contributions. When I found all of you, I felt I had come to the best place on the net.

Thanks, Elaine
I can't even make it through your post. Try splitting some of those sentences apart. I try not to go much past 4 lines per paragraph in normal posts.

Having said that you had a trained and licensed neurologist tell you that you didn't have ALS but instead BFS which is harmless. If you don't believe him/her why should you believe us? You've already been told that fasciculations will show in an EMG.

You've decided to ignore what the neuro told you and worry that you have ALS. My advice is believe what you've been told by the professionals. If not then nothing anyone here can say is going to do you any good.

You sound like you are having an axienty attack in your post. Anxiety and stress will make the twiches
10x worst in your case 20x. You said you have been under alot of stress for about a year, and you have been twitching for 6 months. I am not a dr, but it sounds like the twitches are most likely from the stress.

The nuero said he is sending you to an ALS specialist to give you reassurance that you do not have ALS, that is a very good thing. Are you taking anything for anxiety, from your post you sound like you are going to have a nervous break down. After 6 months of muscle twitching as bad as you are describing you probably would have some weakness and atrophy by now.
Now after reading 3 threads by this guy, who is over reacting?
wright, I am so sorry, too! Dear, I don't know what is going on, really................Have you noticed how we have been getting some uninvited guests here lately? Accept my apology dear! Have a blessed day!

Thank you for your kind words, Elaine! My God, I am laughing at myself! How did I get into this? I am kicking myself in the rear for doing so! LOL

By the way Elaine, I am having such a good day today. I had such a beautiful dream about my son last night (correction, looked at the clock when I woke up, and it was 4:00am.) I had such a good dream, that I felt so close to him. These things actually happen! I am for real. Gotta pm you one of these days and tell you about it. I entered it (dream) into my journal. All I can say is God is so good, and I am so happy!

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