Please HELP! could this be early symptoms of ALS?

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Chef Benz

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Mar 21, 2022
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OMG!! I’m a 35/yo Male and This is the exact same thing I’m going through and my life feels like it’s being taken away from me.. In early January 2022 I caught Covid, two weeks later I started getting a very subtle eye twitch, as each day passed it got stronger and stronger and more frequent, then, my upper lip would slightly twitch then my jaw line, so late February I made my appointment with the neurologist, at the time I didn’t research anything or even think about the possibility of ALS, the Neurologist told me I could have hemifacial spasms due to inflammation to the artery in the brain after the Covid infection which can be touching my facial nerve, he recommended to do an MRI, this was February 25th 2022.

March rolls around and boom my hand starts twitching then my arm on both sides but mostly my left side, suddenly my calf’s start up, let me mention these are quick little bursts that come and go, it’s like fire works through out the body, so I made the biggest mistake I’ve ever made and hit up Google, and for whatever reason the only thing the prominently comes up when you type in body twitches is ALS, then I started to feel the weakness.. now let me be clear I can pick up my 3 year old Son, I can do my daily activities, however it does feel like my muscles are extremely exhausted they begin to burn when holding a frying pan or putting seasoning on food,

I’m a chef FYI… when I pinch tongs the Muscle between my thumb and index begin to burn as if I’ve been working for hours, my legs are now beginning to feel wobbly, for example I was walking in the store the other day and the front of my left foot hit the floor two times while walking, which made me stumble a bit, so obviously that was it, I was convinced my foot wasn’t working properly and it was the end, however, i constantly test my self daily and I can walk on my heels, stand on my toes etc… I’ve become obsessed…. now for the past 2 weeks I feel like I’m slightly fumbling my words it feels as if I can’t roll my R’s sometimes, or pronounce my S’s correctly but when I speak to my family they all say I’m speaking clearly, I feel like they think I’m going crazy but I wish they understood how extremely stressed and depressed I am…

I cry alone everyday, I’m literally tearing up as I write this, I’m so desperate for help yet terrified at the same time. After a constant battle with my trash insurance I finally got the MRI approved and it’s scheduled for today March 21st 2022 it’s been about two months since my eye twitching has begun and about 3 weeks since my body twitching has begun, I feel like I’m drowning, I will say recently my body twitching has calmed down I’ve been taking magnesium, B12, C, D3, for over 1 weeks and for the past 3 days my twitches are still there, they are just very light throughout the day.

I’m constantly looking in the mirror comparing my leg and arm muscles, I talk to myself daily reading long sentences out loud, I lost my appetite I have no desire to do anything I’m in such a dark place right now it’s scary. Please if anyone reads this help me understand if this is how ALS could start or am I just losing my mind from the anxiety. PLEASE HELP!!!
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I don't think you have ALS, but neither are you losing your mind. In all probability, you have post-Covid symptoms. There is probably a long Covid clinic of some kind in Orlando presuming the MRI doesn't show anything else going on. And all the self-testing is only exhausting you more. Take that time and go for a walk, read a cookbook, whatever you do that chills you out.

Instead of talking to yourself, I encourage you to talk to someone outside your family about your fears, like a counselor or your primary doc. Since your family doesn't hear anything different in your speech, that's the way to bet. The twitching and burning can be scary, but in all likelihood they don't mean anything new and sinister. We are finding out more about long Covid, and it's a real thing.

Stop right now and take a deep breath. No, this is not ALS and if you do not stop this obsession without getting help, you will lose your mind because you will have let your unfounded fear rule your life. In fact, that is already happening. Sitting alone crying over a disease you do not evidence having is an extremely dangerous place to be. You need to pick up the phone and make an appointment to talk to a professional. They can guide you to a healthier way of thinking, thus feeding into a healthier and happier life. Please print out this post to show them and go speak to a professional; for your own health.

I truly wish you nothing but the best.
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