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Aug 24, 2007
No offense intended , but when im reading a post that reads things like 2day or iv ,im offended . This to me is a slap in the face to the English Language . I was taught spelling in first grade as many were ,this is not spelling . this makes a sham of the English Language ,So Please Excuse me if i do not respond to post with this kind of spelling . I do not care if we are in a Cyber world or what ,this is an excuse for bad spelling . God Bless Geo
geo, i am verry sorry. i will try my best to spell out everything. i get very tired so i try to take short cuts.. i did not mean to offend anybody. i do know how to spell and will try next time i post. sorry everybody
shortcuts are OK with me!

cukita, I have followed many of your posts, and my heart goes out to you. I, for one, understand and do not mind any shortcuts at all. :) Although we have not posted to each other before, I want you to know that I keep you as well as all the Pals and Cals in my prayers. I understand how difficult tasks become for Pals and how important communication is. So please, post however it is easiest for you!

i agree with cuckita,and i am also very what we going through is hard enough,now it seems spelling properly is going against us aswell,please accept my apologies:cry:
CUT, I am sure Geo did not mean you, we understand pals who have limited typing abiity. He meant the cyber shortcuts, I am sure of it. You my dear are a kind a important member of this forum, we love to hear from you. You are a dear soul. And that there is no doubt about
I know how you feel as well. I type with 1 finger and it gets sore. I am not as long winded as before. Shorter answers for me now.
All im saying is i geuss is my frustration of getting old and seeing things going to hell ,excuse my french . When you drive down the road you see Billboards that are Misspelled on purpose . My Daughter sees children that spell this way in school and they tell her they saw it spelled that way on a sign . Hmmm.
She has one child whom was a boy and the mother wanted him to be a her (,in her class 5th Grade )
the mother had its name changed to a Girls name and insists that it uses the Girls restroom and the sex change is coming later My Daughter has to remmember to call it by the Girl name . I would'nt be a teacher for nothing and this is why im Frustrated with the Mess i see . Geo

This forum is here for support,right? I have used short cuts b4,I dont have a problem with it.:) lol God bless all........
:-| ......I'm neutral, doesn't matter to me either way. But I see Geo's point, sometimes I have to try to "break the code" of some of these shortcuts. It sometimes trips me up when I'm buzzing thru a line and it does click with me what the shortcut is. I am sure it's no different than my kids are doing with this text message stuff on the cell phones.

So, basically I see both sides of the coin. It does decrease keystrokes for some people that entering text can be a chore......and on the other side of the coin it feels like I am learning a new language with shortcuts.
Yep, get both sides, and I think what we all feel is if you can type without problem do so. If you have trouble we will all work through it and figure it out. I know Geo is talking about how we are always looking for easy out in this quick society. I am quite sure we all are aware of the PALS typing errors, and as Kevin put it, the new fangled speaking, the kids use, I told my son the other day, that the way the kid's love to text, when they could easier talk, that he will want to be writing letter's and sending them snail mail soon. His answer was that would be cool, to write do that. The teen girl's would love to write bff's that way... Oh Kids......So pals, we will work through your messages, other's taking short-cuts, remember we are not 15 for the most part on this board.. Had to laugh at Kevin. So true..
Oh goodness, I think your daughter is living through a episode of Jerry Springer, wow this society is scary sometimes. A lot of morale's going down the drain. Can feel your pain.. Trust me.

However you can say it, or relate it, I will read it. I don't care if you are highly
educated or don't have a way with words. Say it like it is and we shall (by the way, that's
the correct grammer) try to help you. It might take longer, since I need to learn the knack
of readying shortcuts, but I will take the time.... for all of you. M
Marj . I call it one word, LAZY . We send our children to school to learn ,so when they grow up they are educated enough to get a good paying job . I dont know about some ,but if im an employer and a person writes like this ,they problably not get hired . Just like dress codes in public schools ,i truely think they should have them ,but we have to be Politically correct today so we have high schoolers killing each other over a jacket or a shirt ,next we'll have them wearing their pants almost off . I wore a tie and a white shirt w/slacks ,thats the rules ,it didnt hurt me ,it taught me that there are rules which everyone must abide by ..
In a Politically correct World ,you dont have to do anything that you dont want to . HMMMM wander why we are in the mess we are in HMMM . Geo
I am not a great speller and I am a very successful woman!" IF" you measure that by a good paying job. Not great spelling but was the top sales person in my company and beat out 15 men twice my age and made 6 figures before quitting to be at home with my wonderful family! OH, and the year that I did that I was 9 months pregnant with my first son and only worked 10 months and still had more closed $$ then anyone else.

I wont take offense to your spelling comment, I am secure. And for me I dont take the time to think about the spelling or check, not because I am lazy but becasue I am typing fast and not thinking about spelling as I dont have the time being a busy mom.

The society is in a mess because people are selfish and this is the 'me' generation. Family values are not as important. If people stopped trying to make themselves happy and asked what they could do to make others happy...that would be a start and this is what works in our family. To focus on others not ourselves and that is what should be taught at school---morals. There is never enough to make ourselves happy, we will always want more. Only solution is to stop thinking about ourselves.

My grandfather never finished middle school but managed to raise 4 extremly succesfull children (my father being one) and he could not spell but he sure could work and read the bible.

Bless you.
if im an employer and a person writes like this ,they problably not get hired . i truely think ... shirt w/slacks ... HMMMM wander why we are in the mess we are in. Geo

Geo ... I wander, too, and so does my mind, but I'm with April. It's what you have to say that matters, not how you spell it. But when messages don't meet your standards, we will all understand if you choose not to read them. :)

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