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Jun 30, 2008
Learn about ALS
i really need some questions answerd so i can get on with life and stop worring about this and stop bothering yhall and im sorry if i was annoying. but i need some questions answerd because im really confused. first is if your first signs of als is fasciculations how long after does it normally take on average to start to notice weakness. second what are als fasciculations like are they in one spot then the muscle dies and they move or how do they feel and what they look like what are they? third how do u first start to notice weakness like a shaky feeling? forth will atrophy be really noticeable or is it hard to tell? i really need these questions answerd because myb fascics wont stop at all they are in the same spots and dont really move to other muscles and then stop they are in the same spots 24/7 and now i have developed more in my legs but the one spot never goes away. it is spasming out all day long with no letting up im scared and need these questions answerd please i just need to relax and go on with life. but i wont be able to untill i figure out these questions please. thank you and by the way i havent had any weakness or atrophy that i know of just shaky legs and hands.
OK treyo. You are getting annoying. This is your 3rd post in 2 days with the same questions. I told you and so did others. The answers are already here.READ THEM. QUIT WHINING. YOU DO NOT HAVE ALS. A GOOD NEURO TOLD YOU. WE TOLD YOU. GET A PRESCRIPTION FOR ANXIETY MEDS.
Trey, far be it from me to tell someone else how to live their life, but this said, let me suggest that perhaps if you directed your energy into preparing to be an excellent father? There probably are support groups online for prospective dads that have anxiety. Parenthood is a demanding responsibility and its important to at least try to do it right! I'd imagine your wife or girlfriend would also appreciate you focusing more at the matter soon to be at hand.

You don't appear to take any comfort in the responses you've read here, and there is plenty of additional information on this forum for you to have found that wasn't specifically addressed to you.

Honestly, it seems like to me that you've been advised by specialists and lay people alike that you have anxiety issues, but you don't want to hear it, you want to talk about the most dire possible cause instead.

Its like someone that has a house fire, and instead of calling the fire department for help, and getting a bucket or hose while they wait for the firemen to arrive, that they're sitting there wondering if there could be some other insidious cause for the smoke and flames, and thinking they need to try to figure out what this could be instead of getting the accepted means of help to put the fire out, and save their family and future.

You've got so many good things right in front of you, and if you're on your meds and they are not helping, THAT is what you need to be concerned about, NOT whether you have ALS.... if you're not taking your meds, then that is the starting place. I don't want to sound harsh, but it seems you're ignoring what matters most.

good luck to you.
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