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May 30, 2006
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MDA Research | FDA to Allow Ceftriaxone Study

FDA to Allow Ceftriaxone Study
After more than a year’s delay, during which the Food and Drug Administration received additional data showing the drug was safe to give intravenously to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) patients for several months, a trial of the antibiotic ceftriaxone is slated to begin this summer.

Ceftriaxone, used to treat neurologic infections, may have benefit in ALS by enhancing a chemical recycling process in the nervous system. It will be tested in some 40 centers, according to neurologist Merit Cudkowicz, an MDA research grantee at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston
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Cefuroxime worked for me twice. The only thing that has taken away my symptoms twice when I was on it. But doctors won't tell me I have als. They tell me I have all the symptoms but nerve/muscle tests say no.

So how come you were on it twice and not continually? Is it a readily available drug here in Canada? If you were better on it why wouldn't they let you stay on it? Don'tyou just love it when they can't tell you what's wrong with you?

Hey Al, I was on it the first time to get rid of a stubborn sinus infection and the weakness in my legs went away so I basically tricked a doctor into giving it to me a second time and all my symptoms went away again but nobody will give it to me again because they haven't diagnosed me with anything. Even though I have all the als symptoms, swallowing problems, twitching, cramping, muscle weakness. Sad but true.

That's nuts.If you got something and a pill makes it go away who cares what they call it just gimme the damn pill. I was telling George at als independence yesterday that I went off Lipitor a couple of weeks ago after consulting with my Cardio about statin drugs causing muscle wasting. Next thing George has news of a new study by a bunch that think Lipitor helps ALS. Just who are you supposed to believe. It's nuts.
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