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Aug 10, 2005
Hello everyone,

I told dad about the board today and it made him so happy to know that there are others who are going through the same....

I told him that there is no stupid question and that he should write down everything and I will ask. He does not have a computer and does not want one...

Currentley dad is lifting with weights for his arms only 1/2 hour every night.

Streches with his legs each night for 1/2

PT twice a week they put him on the treadmill, stair master, streaches, and YOGA...

He would like to know if anyone else does this for it really helps him and and working for him.....

Jen, glad you brought this up. I was wondering if my husband should be receiving physical therapy or something. He does walk two times a day. But this is not excersing his upper body, where he is most affected. I too would appreciate some input on this. He has a Neuro appt. Monday, and this was one of my questions to ask.

praying for a cure,
Range of motion exercises are good to do right from the start. Stretching and keeping the tendons and ligaments supple will pay off and help prevent appendages from curling. You should probably get a PT to show you what to do. It's not difficult.
Good Luck
TBear, Thanks for the husband goes to the doc on Monday, I will be asking about this.

I have learned so much from this site, I am grateful to everyone!

Praying for a cure,
Hi guys,

I agree with TBear. We massaged and excersied Henry'a hands, arms, legs, and feet. Our OT did show us a full range of motion movements that helped keep him limber. Henry also rode a stationary bike and did deep knee bends against the couch everyday. He also swam at the Y everyday for over 3 years. I am positive that these things kept him mobile for many years. Movement is of the upmost importance. It makes one feel better to move what they can, for as long as they can. Good luck to you all.

Stay Strong, Carol
Hello and thaks for all of your responses...

Dad loves his PT sessions. They really make him feel energized... He is motivated to get up every morn. do his weights... Then again at night and streach at night... I believe it is both good for his mind and his body......

I thank God each and every day for giving a wonderful husband for 27 years, and I pray each and every day for all of the people here and across the world that suffer from als.

It is nice when people notice that you are present,
but it is important when people notice you are absent. It is said that "absence makes the heart grow fonder".
we should rather that "presence makes the heart grow fondest".
Then, even when we are Gone into our future,
We still live in the "present" of our past.

Have a good night all.

Love, Carol
Hi, I just wanted you to know that I got the doctor orders today for my husband to start physical therapy. I am so thankful!

Praying for a cure,

That is great news.... I am so glad that he is going to start PT....

Remember to ask what it is safe for your husband to do each night on his own or with you that will help him as well....
My wife suggested to me when I was diagnosed three years ago to get some physio, which I did. I went to a private clinic were they taught me about 20 different exercises which I was able to do at home. Some of the exercises really helped me with the cramps I was experiencing at night. On the other side it helped me so much mentally and I believe it enable me to maintain a level of mobility that I still have.

The trick, however is not under circumstances to over do it, as this will cause harm and damage. I would definitely recommend the exercises that Carol and Henry did especially the bike and the deep bends.

Try also to maintain the strength in the hamstrings. With the hands, put elastic band around the fingers and stretch the fingers out, this will help keep them flexible. You don’t need to purchase expensive equipment to maintain the programme you can adapt most household things.
Thanks for your words.... This is great news that you are still able to do your exercises after 3 years of having ALS.... You are so right about not having to spend a ton of money to get this exercise...

I bouht my dad one of those long reg dog leashes.... Dad will clip it on to his shoe lace and hold onto the handle and then lay back and do leg lifts... This keeps his legs streached..... His legs are what has been affected....

As for his arms and hands these have not been so he lifts lite weights, plays golf, he is always writing so this helps his hands....

I do believe that mentally it is great for him and that physically without a doubt. For instance my dad went to a party in August of last year and was unable to go up or down the stairs, unable to sit on the chair or get up the chair without help, and worse unable to dance at all even in place....

Well this August he is able to get in and out of chairs, go up and down stairs, dance in place but well with lots of balecne, and play golf..... I believe this all has to do with the exercise....

Keep up the good work.

Carol - good to hear from you. And, as you mentioned about those absent, I was thinking I haven't heard from Theresa or Kim very recently. Also, there were some new ones awhile back I don't think have posted in awhile, like Lee. So many names going through here it's hard to remember them, the stories and personalities are easy to remember, but I really have a hard time remembering which names go with which people! Anyway, to all you who are reading but haven't posted in awhile (or never) let us know how you're doing. -me-
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