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Mar 25, 2007
San Jose
Anyone with Bulbar type symptoms have something simialr to me:

IF i force myself to breath through my nose and breath hard I kind of snort, a feeling like the top of my throat is swollen or closed. My nose is clear but i have constant post nasal drip and have a really really tough time coughing it through. My throat feels coated. however i can eat just fine and drink just fine. Is it possilbe for this to present in this manner but still have no problem eating or drinking?


Tom r
Caugh Assist Machine

Tom, I got one on these for Tim. It is great. Please read this link:

I hope this is helpful!

Tom i found that the muscles of the throat instead of relaxing they close the throat down on the inside .If you can picture the inside normally opened up like a pipe ,in us it tries to close off (muscles contracting ) then when you go to swallow they will open for the swallow ,but if their not being used they close up .Like when i sit for a while and try to get back up ,my spine seems stiff . I try to drink liquids all through the day keeps that open . Geo
I am not sure what I have

See I don't know if I have some kind of allergy or not. I went to one of the top als dr's at stanford and he said based on all the reports I brought him and what he saw of me in his office he said als isnt even a thought.

However when i have this allerg(ish) issue going on but its different then any allergy symptoms i have had in the past I think 2x about being all fine.

So I am lost to whether or not this is definetely an als type of thing or allergy thing, hoping to find some timing issue of symptoms that would make me think this is a cold/allergy related thing other than als.
Tom I am not a doctor, but from what you described it does sound like an allergy/post nasal drip rather than als. You can have cronic post nasal drip and it will cause the
symptoms you described. Does it ever get better, does allergy medication help?
It is always there, worse in the morning i have to cough hack clear throat to the point everything tightens up and makes me dry gag. MY voice got really hoarse but its slightly better now. However I still constantly feel like I have a huge string of stuff down the back of my throat. The thing that bothers me the most is the feeling or reality of the roof of my mouth in the back affecting my nasal mouth breathing, makes me hiss in a way. VEry very annoying, i have had this for a while but its not getting better and just got worse this last week. I did clean up a very very dirty patio and everyone at work is sick with their voice affected but I did have some of this before all of that went down.

My hope that its not an ALS symptom due to the following:

I can drink fine
I can eat fine
I can swallow fine except for swallowing the phlegm crap
I dont bite my tongue, drool etc

I am hoping that if its als related then I would have those other symptoms at this time as well which I dont. I am seeing the Dr on Wed then he will probably send me off to another.

Any thoughts?

Tom R
Tom, I have been having throat issues since April of 07, unfortunately when you google
lump in throat, sore throat, it will show you all sorts of scary things. As my neuro told
me usually starts with speech and swallowing problems due to weakness
of your tongue. Hope this helps, Cornelia
Geo do you have ALS?

I'm having similar symptoms, with the tongue.. im soooooooo scared.
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