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Apr 20, 2006
Loved one DX
I was wondering if anyone uses a personal or medial alarm?

I would just like to have the comfort of knowing if I was needed when I am away from my wife - whether inside the house or even in the back yard.

Earlier in the fall I was cutting the lawn and my neighbor came over to tell me that Gail had called them to get me in my own back yard. Just wondering if there is an easier way?

Something that would call me somehow first and perhaps 911 incase of an emergency?

Hi Tim. If you go to Life Lines they have personal alarms at about $35 a month I think. That was what it was last time Lee looked at it for me. AL.
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Hi Tim and Al. I was planning on getting a good old-fashioned baby monitor for when I am a little less self-sufficient than I am right now. It is an inexpensive solution but the service sounds more comprehensive.
hey Rolark,
We use portable phone and cell phone when I'm out of the house. The portable phone is set to speed dial one, my cell. When I leave for any reason I set the phone on his wheel chair, on the side of his lift chair, in such a way that it is no problem for him to hit number one. I know this is not going to last forever, (his having a problem hitting end, and #2, 911) but for now and for a long time before, we had some great converations this way, (absence makes something, any way we had fun) with our messages
Both good ideas. And cheaper. Thanks. AL.
We use to use two tin cans and a string with buttons tied on the inside of the cans at small hole. Just kidding. But it was fun as a kid. Our version of walkie talkie. You had to keep the string tight to hear anything.:-D
Yeah I know I'm cheap, hum might give those to the the 14 grandkids for Christmas?

God Bless
Capt. AL
alert device

I was on Sams Club website and I saw what I think is the perfect alert device without having to pay any monthly monitoring fees... It's just like a cordless phone, but instead of having a handset... It just has a pendant you wear around your neck or put in your pocket, like the expensive ones on TV. You can program 911 and five other emergency numbers into the pendant and it calls for you when you hit a button. It costs $100, but at least there are no other costs.
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My OT was here the other day and telling me one of her clients uses a doorbell as a signalling unit. The battery operated kind with a bell you can place in any convenient place and the bell switch you can put in your pocket or hang around your neck. It won't call 911 for you but would work in and around the house to let someone know you needed something. We actually use one here for our doorbell and never thought of using it as a signalling device. About $25 at the bigger hardware stores. Just another idea. AL.
I've used a wireless doorbell for years to ring my wife when I want to come in from the yard... It works fine if you don't wonder off out of range like I've done a few times.
You guys think of everything. My folks just had an incident two days ago and I haven't even had a chance to post a question yet. This sounds like what they need. The Sams Club thing sounds like the most practical for them right now. Mom had a rough night and Dad was exhausted. His health is dipping now beacuse of the strain of caring for mom. He went back to bed the other morning because he didn't feel well and stayed for 6 1/2 hours. Meanwhile mom was stuck in her chair, not able to get out and couldn't reach the cell phone and she didn't know if dad was dead or alive. How scary is that? God, I hate that they live so far away and have no help. So, i've been trying to research the first alert systems and such and you folks come thru again with more wonderful information. God Bless you all and take care!

Gosh Laura! That must have been scary. I know you worry about these two if you live far from them. Let's hope for some sort of solution soon, for everyone's peace of mind!
A real need

Thank you all for your ideas.

I like the doorbell idea... it would be great as long as I am in the house. I like the personal alarm - I just wish it had 4 buttons so that you could call the person of choice.

I just got a call from Gail. Our caregiver comes at 10:00 and my mom left at 9:00 this AM to take our kids to school.

I (being a man) Left the seat up this morning! Gail got a little stuck and couldn't get up on her own. She managed to roll forward and got onto the floor. Pants around her ankles. The walker had brakes on but she managed to push it out of the way. She crawled out to our bedroom - but guess what? The portable phone wasn't in the cradle. After a cry she determined getting her pants up was the next priority. So she rolled onto her back and got her pants up. Now she slid on her back out to the living room. She got to a phone just as it was ringing but dropped it. The person on the other end figured something was up and came over. Gail managed to call a neighbor who came over as well. They got into the house and got Gail in a chair just as the caregiver arrived. A very long hour and a very difficult struggle.

I think the Sams Club alarm will be my product of choice for now. (and a post it note on the toilet seat to remember to put it down)

i have used the door bell for a year now and it works 95% of the time. my button sometimes freezes up and i have to bang it a couple of times to wake the bell button up.
Hey Tim. Tell Gail I can sort of relate. It's kind of like being on the toilet at a party and having the door locked and then not being able to get up again. Not fun but it does get funnier each time I tell it. Tell her we're thinking about her. AL and Lee.
PLEASE: Need help in somekind of bell or switch

Hi Everyone,
My hubby was diagnosed. 8-6-03 with ALS, we have came along way. Hes now on a Vent & has a peg & Trach. He can't move hardly anything. His head okay & his mouth & his eyes & he use to be abled to move his hand so slight. (not even vissable)
My problem is we were useing one of those cordless doorbells for the past 2 years for him to wake me or alert me when he needed something.
Now his hand is getting so weak he can't hardly ring it & he gets frustrated & makes me take it out of his hand. then hes mad & scared too, He wouldn't admit that...
does anyone know of "any" type of switch that can make a noise like a bell that he could use?
Or where I could find something like a head switch thats easy & rings a bell?
I just don't know where to start:confused:
You all are so helpful I Figured This is The best place to Start:-D
Thank you so very much,
Juanita & Gary
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