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comfortable with ALS

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Sep 24, 2007
st.clair shores
I cant believe people on here that are obsessing about Annemarie diagnosed! This is so pathetic this forum is supposed to help sick undiagnosed people, Annemarie should not have to defend herself at all!SHE HAS ALS! People that are on here and have a DX OF NO ALS and another confirmed DX of someting else should be lucky and leave the sickly alone. She wished she had something treatable. There is no way that she has to defend herself why would you start a rumor ******? i wont say any names! You have been so rude to others and i cant believe now your messing around with a truly sick person. I cant believe this. Jenny
Jenny - you need to step back and relax. This "misunderstanding" has nothing to do with any of us. The parties in question need to sort it out between them. But do not be so quick to judge. None of us is in full possession of the facts, whatever they may be. Truth be told, on the web, none of us really "know" for sure if someone we meet online is genuine, is being truthful, is misguided or whatever. We all just use our best judgement and take it from there.
You expose yourself to this as soon as you enter a chatroom, join a forum or do anything else online. So take a deep breath and leave well alone. The truth will out eventually. It always does.
Took a deep breath

But stil upset... i no what you are saying but i no annmarie and she doesnt lie! but i do no somebody who does. Poor thing she shouldnt even have to read these post about her i feel like were in highschool like crystal said...we are all sick here yes me to i hope i dont have als but if i do will people believe me? or will i have to make copies of my papers? mama annmarie has been so nice to everyone and you no that, and so does everyone else on this forum.. and i will make her my business cause i love her and care about her. She has calmed me down so much with my whatever the hell i have. I will be there for her till the end.
I can't see these posts anywhere so I don't know who is behind any gossip. I wouldn't let anyone chase you off the forum though. Take care

:-D LOL I have come to the conclusion that for some reason it seems we have to have at least one huge misunderstanding around here every month. We used to fuss about which was worse- having an actual DX or the fear of not knowing. Now we're about to degenrerate into a he-said-she-said thing. MomofTwo and Steve are right- let it pass folks. Let's remember why we are here. Cindy
Did I Miss Something

Sorry did I miss something? I come to this forum for support and most of all some COMPASSION! I don't know what is going on though I am concerned that we all have to love one other and try to console and most of all BEFRIEND others. I have become terribly
close to a few on this site....I am a cals and I try to have the best outlook that is possible. I have spoke to others on here, particullary of some one that I personally thought was a real fake......... I went out of my way to help him and then the whole story fell apart.....BUT, I never said anything to him of the sorts "you are full of @#$%". I just prayed and hoped that I was wrong....We live with this everyday and it is so unfair to all. I hope that we all can just remember one thing, We ALL are dealing with this, so can't we all stand as a united front and continue to share our hope that someday this forum would not exsist....Pray for a CURE!
No offense Al............ I NEED this forum for now and what I am going through.:-D:-D
You know I had a saying for my children, and I had 7, "Can't we all just get along"
Your are right, Freddysnettie. This forum is all about support an compassion. We do a really good job, too, from what I can see. Sure, we run into the occasional misunderstanding and sometimes people get on each other's nerves but for the most part we rise above it. I have said it before but it bears repeating: I am proud to be associated with all of you! Cindy
Now This Is Why I Had To Get Away From The Forum For A While .please Guys This About Getting Information, Comparing Notes ,compassion ,helping Each Other Get Thru This Most Difficult Times.
Stop Acting Like School Kids. Dealing With Als Is Enough Grief. I Learned To Weed Out The People Who Are Fakes And Are On The Forum Just To Get Their Jollies And Have No Lives . I Have Seen Them Come And Go. They Are Sicker Then We Are. We Need To Help One Another Get Thru The Waiting And Be There For The Ones THAT KNOW PAT1
Annmarie...I am not sure what is going on. I think I may have missed a post or two. Why would anyone lie about having MND or ALS? It is not an illness that we would wish upon ourselves or anyone else. All I can say to you is to try and move forward and do not waste any of your precious energy on this situation. Please do not step away from the forum because of this. I am sure you can get great comfort and support from compassionate members on this forum. God Bless. Anne
Now might be a good time to remind everybody that, as Pat says, there are ways to manage posters who get on your nerves. One trick is to go to the members list and click on the person's screen name. From there you will have the option to add that member to your buddy list or your ignore list. If you add them to your ignore list, their posts do not show up for you, so I am told.

Another way is to remember that we do not need to respond to each and every post. If you think back on it, we have used the group mentality to affect behavior change in the past. Think, for example, when somebody posts something that does not make sense to your way of thinking. If you respond, you've got a discussion going on. If you say nothing, the thread does not appear "busy" If enough people refuse to respond, the thread dies a natural death. I've seen it happen where someone starts a thread, it dies, they start another, that one dies, and eventually they give up.

Pat is right: the internet invites every one. We as a group can beg people to change; we can demand it; we can argue their posts. At the end of the day, the most effective tool is often to ignore them. Cindy
Hi, Cindy! What is going on? It is so close to Christmas for this type of misbehavior. Annemarie is a beautiful person, and I hate to see her being drug into this. What in the name of God is happening? I have been busy all day, shopping, cooking, and what have ya. I decided to check the forums and went "WHOA!" Please, why can't we all get along? God bless you all, and let there be Peace!

And peace there shall be, Irma. :) But you offer an option I think we should accept: time to change the subject, if you ask me. so did you find any good bargains today? And PLEASE do not tell me you finished your shopping! I have yet to start!:mrgreen: Cindy
Oh annamarie! Please dont leave this forum.You have been such help to so many people!I dont know the whole story and who said what and what happened after that but i do know ..... that when people say nasty things and start rumors that it does not say anything about you but it does say a WHOLE lot about them!Please do not let them cause you any grief....thier are so many people on this forum who need you and depend on you for support and input....please reconsider...God Bless.....Gina
Ran into some good bargains! Oh God, that reminds me, gotta send off them Xmas cards! I feel beat though! The weather has been so nice here! God bless you guys! Take care!

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