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Nov 5, 2007
Hi! Had a question about insurance. My husband Jerry has been diagnosed with PLS.
I was mentioning to him that he may need to look into a secondary insurance such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield C Plus to cover what his other insurance doesn't. He seems to think that he is not going to have very many medical expenses, but I am concerned that the 20% our secondary would have to pay could add up down the road. I guess my question is with someone who has had PLS for awhile, do you find you don't have as many medical expenses or not. Any help will be welcome.
Peggy Alexander
LOL LOL LOL LOL Peggy My Mayo Clinic Bill alone was $40,000 they normally dont accept our insurance but we talked to them and they agreed on accepting a 60% reduction we had to pay 40% . That was for 1 week of tests . Then My insurance got wind of me having a rare disease and raised my premium ,they cant cancel you BUT they can raise your premium so high ,you'll get out . Then i had a part time job and they decided i was a liability and fired me . i wasnt as bad then i could work but got my retirement from my Trade Union . So i went to SS office and told them and took my records they immediately went to work on my case for Disability normally it takes about 3---- Months + But at the time my doctors recommended to SS i wouldnt have alot of time . They sent a check within 1 month . If Jerry cant do his job that he did before and you have all the records from Docs . I recommend Disability and yes another Supplement Policy ,when your on disabilitySS for 24 months you will qualify for Medicare then you get your supplemental policy . One of my tests cost $3700 each time they crank that machine up ,then my doc wanted to try IVIG treatments so that cost $30,000 @ $6,000 per treatment X 5 treatments . Insurance i had then tried to renig on paying that but i turned them into the State Dept. of Insurance .They had to pay . I can tell you a story because it really happened Now picture your sick and people are telling you all kinds of crap like your going to die and pay up now . So now i'll devote every minute i can to help people so they wont have the hell to go through i did .
Be tough and be Strong be Caucious . God Bless Geo
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