Peg tube replacement

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The Sass

Jul 12, 2007
Could those of you with a peg feeding tube share your experience on how often you have had them replaced.
I was told every year to a year and a half. But it is a quick, easy procedure, just like putting ear rings in a pierced ear. Once the Stoma heals it is just that simple.
Hi Sass,

My wife changes mine as needed (usually about once every three months). I think it depend on the type you have, but on mine, the rubber strap that holds the stopper to the PEG usually breaks off first. There have however been occasions when the tube was plugged by something like a berry seed. We always have a spare ready to go.

peg tube replacement

My mom's first peg tube was the balloon type which came out while I had her on vacation 3 weeks after it was put in. The emergency room where we were had a GI doctor replace it because they could not get a replacement reinserted. The replacement was the type with a bumper not a balloon. Does anyone know if there are complications replacing this type. It is my understanding it is not as simple as the ballon.
Sounds like your replacement is just the one I have. I was told it is just as simple as balloon type......but don't have any experience yet.
Hi Sass,

Funny you should ask.. my carer has been bugging me to ask the same question on a forum.

We normally have to change mine about every 2-4 months. Mine usually needs changing when the balloon gets low on water, as the tube sticks out further. I can always tell when it needs changing because it starts feeling like something is pinching my stoma inside. All we can figure is that my stomach acids end up causing the balloon to spring a leak, and within a few days to a week, if we don't change it out, it will come out on its own. I've had that happen twice in almost 3 years.

Early on, we used to go to the ER to have it changed. No more. Changing it out is simple. A HHA nurse visited our home and showed my carer how to do it. It takes all of 5 minutes. Oh, you want to do it on an empty stomach. :mrgreen:


Hiya Joel!
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