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Sep 12, 2006
I got my peg on friday, everything went well in the hospital. Then last night something went wrong. We did the water, the supplement and water again, within 20 minutes I was bent double with tummy pain. So I'm asking for any advice.
Call your Doctor! Don't take a chance..........

It could be nothing, but get it checked out just to be sure.

I had something similar, it became apparent it was hunger pains. I never had any discomfort from an empty stomach before getting my PEG, BUT since getting it I have to have food in my stomach or the pain is incredible.
I also found it was hard to gauge how much volume I was getting using the PEG - IT TURNED OUT TO BE LESS THAN I NEEDED. You can try taking another can of supplement and see how things go. If you start gaining too much weight you might have to re-think this.
Can you still eat a bit without choking? If you can, then next time the pains start try eating something to see if pain stops........that's what I did and this is how I found out I was not getting enough volume. Once we figured this out we can keep the pains from happening.

Good luck. Let us know what you find.
Hello Rhonda, I'm sorry to hear about your pains with your new peg tube. It might take a week or two to get used to how much formula to take in and how fast it should be consumed. Your stomach isn't used to expanding so rapidly and that can cause discomfort. If you feel bloated, it could be gass that's built up from the intake of formula. If your tummy is buldging out you can simply install a syringe into the peg and open the clip on your peg and hold the syringe at about the top of your tummy. You can raise it up or down a little to see if the gas will come out. Don't be suprised by the sound of the bubbles when the gas is expelled. If this isn't your problem then check with your doctor.
If you can get the help you need on this forum, it will save you time from just running to the doctors office for every little bump that comes along.
Good luck with your trouble.
I had the same thing happen. We discovered that the 1.5 nutren was too strong for me I had to start using 1.0 and using more cans thru the day to get enough calories.
Hello, My name is Susie, I'm an ALS nurse and have found that not all patients are able to tolerate the bolus feeding right away. The stomach is not liking it. At times our patients will try the continuous feed in lower doses throughout the day by way of a pump. This gives your fussy stomach time to adjust. Any dietician can make these reccomendations through home health. May also b a good idea to consult with your MD. Make sure if you continue with your bolus feedings you are checking the residual in your stomach before each feeding. Hope this helps
Take Care,
Thanks for the information Susie. Welcome , hope you stick around and offer tips and advice.
Susie, I just read your post, and yes it was so sweet of you to introduce yourself to the forum, and oh so many thanks to you for letting us know that you are an ALS nurse! You are going to be a big part of this forum! Welcome, and God bless you!

Welcome Susie. Excuse my do you check for residual in your stomach? I am almost afraid to
Good question, Joel. People need to know this sort of thing. Susie, if you check in again will you enlighten us? BTW, welcome to the forum. It will be nice to have your input! Cindy
Hey there Joel, since no replies to your question about residual nutrients or foods and the PEG has not been answered yet, I'll share with you what I have learned.
Before a feeding, you can simply insert an open bolous or (syringe) into the peg tube. Then hold the syringe at or below your stomach level until some of the fluids in your stomach start to fill the syringe. If the color of the fluid is the same as the formula, or is actually the last foods you have eaten, then you are not digesting the foods. This is residual foods and is not a good sign and should be treated by your doctor. If the fluid is clear and water like, you should be fine. After the length of your last post on this subject, I would assume you have already gotten your answer. If not then here ya go.
Good luck and I sure hope all is well.
Could someone with knowledge of PEGS go into the Caregiver forum and answer the person " Back with more questions" Thanks.
thanks Brentt
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