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Sep 12, 2006
I having trouble with the area around my tube. I have had it since October. I have used a&d cream, prescription cream and antibiotic cream. It's location may be the problem. It's at the top of my stomach between my breast right where the band of my bra hits. Thank you for any advice.
My first thought is that canyou go without bra, at least while at home?
Geez, Rhonda, that's a stumper. Between the friction and sweat, how can this not get worse when warmer weather comes? I'd guess maybe some sort of mild astringent like Witchhazel........but I'm no expert.

I went without a bra for a while and now I have a rash under my breast. If it's not one thing it's another.
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I am a male PALS that also happens to be a nurse practitioner. Have you considered contacting an ostomy/stoma nurse? The American Cancer Society can usually direct you to one. They have a GREAT deal of expericence helping people with skin irritation/breakdown for people with urostomies, colostomies, etc., and they have some great tricks that could be helpful to you. I am a few months away from a PEG myself, and have considered irritation as a probable issue. Regarding the bra as an irritant. I must admit, my wife wears the bra in the family, but sometimes she lets me wear the pants- after 34 years of marriage!

I hope this suggestion proves helpful. All the ostomy nurses that I have known LOVE to help people with problems such as the one you describe.

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Rash cure

Hello anyone with rashes or irritations. I use over the counter cream called Clotrimazole1%. It is sometimes found in the athlete's foot section of the store, as it cures that too. It is an antifungal cream that is effective on a number of problems. Wherever you have an itch or rash or irritation, it is safe to use and WORKS usually on the first application. It costs up to $10 a tube, so look for Equate brand at Walmart or other generic substitutions. I have sensitive skin for many things applied. I get irritated with dyes in my clothes, or toilet papers, and am susceptable to candida rashes. This Clotrimazole was prescribed by my doctor many years ago, and I was told to use it anywhere, anytime. I couldn't manage my life without having a tube ready in my medicine cabinet.
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