Party at Al's place !

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Feb 18, 2006
If you check the attachment ,all info is there! Hope to see you all there!
I live in new jerey and will not be able to go However I will love to give a donation Please give me your address so I can send a Check .Thank you for all your help to wipe out ALS,Pat
Als party

Hi Patricia,this party is a fundraiser for Al .Hopefully to raise enough for whatever he needs. Thanx Joe

Here it is!

Al Pettit
14 Greenwood Cres.
Orangeville, On.
Canada L9W2Y9
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Thanks Joe. Lots of us want to help so it is good to let us know how. Cindy
Support? Heck yes! ha ha!

joejoe said:
If you check the attachment ,all info is there! Hope to see you all there!

We'd sure like to send a donation to Al. He has certainly supported many of us. Where do we send the movin along 'chairiot' check?

I was so excited to be a part of the fundraiser, I didn't even read below to see that the address for Al is already on the post. Thanks so much Joe!

Just wanted to bring this back up to the forefront,hope you dont mind Al. By the way is any body coming?:-D
Hi Joe Joe- this is my second response. I think the first one got lost in cyber-space! Anyway I wanted to thank you for the reminder. I will not be able to attend but will send a donation to Al and Lee. So it is good we had this little talk.:-D

BTW- I just clicked on the donation button on this forum and made a donation fast and easy-like you wouldn't believe. Took me about 3 seconds! Cindy
Response has been good. Guess a lot of people like BBQ pig this time of year. There are some members from the forum coming from within 50 or 60 miles of my place and quite a few family and friends. Lee thinks we should have 120-150 people.
I missed the original post i think

Hi Guys:

Sorry, I don't get on here as much as I would like to. Can someone fill me in on Al's Pig roast and fundraiser. Date, time , how to donate etc.

I feel out of the loop now, and have tried to find the original post, but couldn't.


What happend to the attachment?

Hey Al ,it looks like someone or somthing deleted the attachment, could you please get it back on? Thanx Al:cry:
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