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Jun 4, 2007
I think my worry about having ALS might just be from paranoia or anxiety...About 2 months ago, I started waking up in the middle of the night vomiting, with headache and had a feeling of weakness in my left arm and left foot and bad jaw pain. It got so bad, I went to the ER, convinced I had a brain tumor. They did a CT scan and neurological exam and told me I was fine. The weakness came and went so I followed up with my GP and she did a more thorough neuro exam and found nothing, but said I probably had TMJ, the jaw disorder. Still, she referred me to a neurologist. By this time, the headaches and waking had stopped completely, but the weakness still remained. The neurologist did a more thorough exam. I asked him specifically about ALS and he said "You have nothing like ALS."

I was reassured by this, and felt fine for a while after, but I started worrying again, and the weakness returned. I also had some pain along my left forearm and now I am having some pain the joint between my thumb and index finger and some tremors in my left eyelid (Which I have had on and off for years). I spend a lot of time thinking about this and worrying. I am 24 yr. old male, and I understand that the odds are pretty long...Still, this has been freaking me out. I guess it feels good to just say this somewhere. I don't tell any friends/family as I don't want to be labeled a hypochondriac. I wonder about getting a second opinion or perhaps going to see a psychologist...


Go see a psych.. it helped me, ALS or not.

Also, eyelid twitches are really not a characteristic of ALS twitches. My eye lids don't twitch.

You'll be ok.

With ALS, the weakness does not come and go, it's progressive and if you had ALS symptoms, you would be demanding to go to the doctor, trust me, it's not a good feeling at all.

Also, headaches are not a char. of ALS.

Have you been tested for lyme?

You'll be ok! Hang in there.
Thanks for the advice. This latest weakness between the thumb and index finger is what really got me worried. But I have been doing a lot of driving the past few days (several hours at a time) so maybe that is and explanation.
Hi mfh1029, I'm not a doctor (none of us are on this forum except an occasional member posting about his or her own symptoms) but waking up with headache and nausea sound like a couple of medical conditions that are treatable. You should go get a through neurological workup to rule out some of the more benign things. With luck, relief might be in sight! Cindy
Not to sound silly but how does one know if they are having weakness between thumb and finger? Is there something you cant do that you had been able to do in the past?

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