Panoptix lenses 2.5 years later

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Nov 18, 2014
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I really didn't have cataracts (slight in right eye) but convinced my doctor to implant Panoptix lenses in my eyes two and a half years ago. They had just received FDA approval in October 2019 and had been wildly successful in Europe for around five years prior.

I can't tell you how these lenses helped my quality of life. I can still see 20/20 both reading and distance (and everything in between.). I definitely recommend these for both PALS and CALS. Medicare and supplement doesn't pay for the full cost like regular lenses but the premium, for me, was worth it. I had worn glasses since age seven and contacts since age 17. I could no longer put my contacts in my eyes so I went back to wearing progressive lens glasses. They made me very dizzy, especially going downstairs and may have been partly responsible for my two falls. I just got them done before Covid hit. I had a friend who only got one eye done before Covid and had to wait another year before his other eye was done. He didn't need glasses even with only one eye done.

Before I had the surgery, I was at an ALS support group and tried out eye gaze software and hardware. It wouldn't work with my progressive lenses. I had to use my mid-range glasses. Gone are the days of having to choose distance or one eye for distance and one eye for reading. Panoptix solved that issue.

Also, if you're thinking of getting Lasik surgery, you may want to reconsider. Mine, which brought my distance to 20/20 regressed within five years and I had to go back to wearing glasses for driving.
Very interesting! I haven't been to an ophthalmologist in quite some time--at least 3 years. My last two pairs of prescription glasses have been unsatisfactory. Both my distance and close vision are affected, and, for some reason, my vision can't be corrected. I'm told this may be because of cataracts but am also told they aren't advanced enough for surgery. Maybe Panoptix lenses would do the job. Than you, Kim, for sharing this information.
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