PALS to CALS Alert Device

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May 22, 2016
Is anyone aware of some type of medic alert wrist band which functions like a Medic Alert, but instead of notifying medical personnel it would alert the person wearing the matching band? A PALS to CALS alert device. I have lost my ability to speak and fear if I were to fall I can't call out to my spouse. We each try to carry our cell phones at all times, but occasionally forget. It would seem much easier for me, if I were to go down for the count, to just push a button instead of fishing the phone out of my pocket and then dialing. Does such a device exist? Bill
There is something you can wear that would automatically text a designated person. Your spouse could start wearing a smart watch. Or low tech I am pretty sure there is an alarm you could wear that would be really loud. My sister had a step on alarm as all she could move was a foot. Her house was really big and we could hear her
I am looking into getting the device you can see at VSNMobil dot com called V-ALRT. You push a button and it notifies by text two cell phones. It seems like a good solution while our hands work.
I just ordered one it should be here in a week. You can wear the button as a watch or necklace, when you push it it uses your Mobile Phone to send a text to up to two other mobile numbers. It also has an automatic fall feature that can be turned on that gives you 60 seconds to abort if needed. Additionally it warns you if you are out of your Mobile Phone range. I will let you know how it works, it seems like a good value at under $40.00.
I used a baby cam to keep an eye on mom during the night. It has video and audio so if she called out to me or fell I could hear it.The handset is battery operated or plug in, so you can take it outside or room to room easily.
My husband likes to go outside and do some gardening. Because I have fallen in the past, he purchased a device that I wear around my neck and he keeps the other "box" alarm with him. If I fall or need him, I push the button and he will be able to hear the alarm. There are two settings - one sounds like a loud doorbell and the other an alarm.

You can find these devices on Do a search for call button alarms.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll check them all out. Bill
Like Deb, we also got a device from Amazon. It's an alarm that Steve wears around is neck and if he needs us he pushes the button and a alarm goes off. You can take the alarm outside if needed. Very inexpensive.
Hey Greg, does the va know this device or did you have to give them the info. I am about to make request to prosthetics . Thanks
Chally, the VA was familiar with it, I did not suggest it

I think it was my OT that brought it up.

Btw, there is a 'check battery' function that I use to signal my wife without having to trigger the out-call function.
if you are looking for a home device with out 911 capability, my friend used a simple doorbell button and chime, battery operated, for about $40, and that is what we are getting today.
We also had a doorbell, it cost $10 and had a 100 metre range.
It was easy for me to carry the receiver end out into the garden.

Until Chris could no longer press the button ...
I need advice from (specifically) people who have homes that have METAL siding and use a call device for their PALS that work outside within close proximity of the house. I occasionally need to work out in the shop which is 40 yards away from the house, both have metal siding and the wireless door bell and baby monitor aren't able to work. Feeling frustrated..
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