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Apr 14, 2019
Platte City
First i would like to thank everyone in this forum for providing there experiance and knowledge, and i hope for a cure soon. would also like to state that i have never had HA and my symptoms did not start with twitching.

I won't make this a novel so here goes.


Mild fatigue and felt i got wore out easy.

went to the doctor, said its nothing.
-Fatigue stayed the same.
-felt weak
-twitching in right ab muscle

Doc. referred me to an RA. (grandma has RA)

-Did lots of blood work and found nothing except CPK lvl were high.
-Fatigue,weakness, and twitching started all over my body.

-then felt excessive saliva in mouth and constantly have to swallow it or spit it out.

RA ref to a neruloigist because she could not find anything wrong.

had to wait 3 months new spymtoms appeared

-joints pop all the time
-random pains or cramps in body, don't know the difference
-knee buckling a lot

-met Nero sent me in for more blood work, MRI's, EMG , NVC all came back as "Normal"

sent back to the RA who said it's Fibro and CFS, but wanted me to follow up with the Nero.

At this point i accepted the Fibro and CFS DX but about a month after that symptoms that don't match fibro appeared.

- tight thoart
-shortness of breath
-constant yawning and tears in eyes
excessive saliva

and all the before symptoms, i haven't had a good day.

Nero said the fibro dx was lack of a better term "BS" he said he thinks i might have some post viral infection or somthing, he prscribed me Amantadine which has not helped at all.

I know i haven't had any muscles failing yet but could this be the start of ALS/MND? it's just concerning because it's i can barely make it through the day at my job, and can't do anything i use to be able to do very well. i'm at a lose and know there is something wrong. any insight would be very helpful:grin:
Hi there- have a read here: to reassure yourself it's not ALS. If a neuro did a clinical exam and conducted EMG and could not find signs of ALS (or any dysfunctional neurological signs, it seems), that means you're in the wrong place here. While it's no walk in the park to have mystery symptoms, you can remove ALS from your personal list of concerns.
You saw neurologist and had a normal EMG and physical exam. So as Shiftkicker says, you’re cleared of ALS.

You saw a rheumatologist who feels you have fibromyalgia and CFS. Fibromyalgia can explain a lot of the ache s and pains.

As far as yawning, excessive saliva, tight throat, tears in eyes — none of that suggests ALS.

So you don’t need to be here, and that’s great.

Keep working with your doctors on your other symptoms, and get hep for anxiety which can make all the above symptoms worse.
Thank you for the reply, he really didn't exam me though, he had me pull on his hands and stand up on my tippy toes and heels, and said that was normal, i am concerned because before this i was a weight lifter so i would like to think i had more strength then the normal person, and on my emg theyionly did 2 arms and a leg, no bulbar area, and sorry for the typos i have fat fingers and small phone lol
Doctors get a lot of information just by watching you move, including standing on your toes and heels. Chances are that he did more of an exam than you realize.
Thank you karen, im am going to to try to ignore my symptoms, i have a follow up the 7th and see if anything is new, should i bring up als to my neru?
I always favor the approach of mentioning all the symptoms that concern you, then see what they say. But, your EMG clears you of ALS, so you already have that question answered.
Last question sorry, is there a difference between a normal emg and a clear emg?
They’re basically the same thing. Sometimes “clear” might have a few insignificant abnormalities or something that might point to a localized nerve abnormality. So technically it’s not 100% “normal”, but it’s clear of ALS.
I think we’re good on this thread — you’re clear of ALS, lots of questions answered, and you’re under the care of a neurologist. So I’m going to go ahead and close this thread.
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