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Mar 17, 2005
My dad, who was diagnosed with bulbar ALS in 2005 and has been on a vent since 2006, and his brother started a coffee business 15 years ago. The business has done pretty well and they have franchised out and there are now 102 locations in WA, OR, CA, and AZ. On May 4th, they asked all of their franchisees to donate their profits for the day to go towards the ALS division of the MDA and the majority of the franchises did so. So far they have raised over $50,000 in coffee sales and donations from the customers. Isn't that great? That $50,000 will go towards the ALS division of the MDA and hopefully it will raise more awareness in our area.
Coffee Fund

Congratulations. It is a wonderful tribute and help to all. Peg
Great stuff Dana.
Hey Dana - What is the name of your company - I have many friends in Arizona and CA, and some in Seattle. I would like them to patronize your establishment. Great work! Thanks from all of us CALS and PALS. Beth
Do they sell products on line, like coffee mugs or flavored beans or the like? I'd like to buy something! Cindy
The name of my dad and uncle's business is Dutch Bros. Coffee. (they are dutch and brothers...go figure) Anyways, if you google Dutch Bros. a few different articles pop up about the fund raiser. Or, you can go to their web site to see the big ad they had in our local newspapers. If you are interested in buying coffee, mugs, and/or accessories, you can do so at their web site. BUT, the proceeds from the coffee, mugs, and/or accessories will not go towards the MDA now because the fund raiser was only on May 4th. You can make donations if you want though. I believe all of that information is on their web site too.
Thanks Dana. You guys are doing a great job. Cindy
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