Ouestion about ALS clinic

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Jul 29, 2006
Grove Hill
I have read in several threads that some of you go to ALS clinic.
Exactly what is this and how do i find one in my area?
Thanks in advance for any help.
ALS Clinics

Hi - I go to the ALS Clinic in Vancouver, B.C. I was referred there by a neurologist - this was his last resort in diagnosing me. In Vancouver, the clinic is the only place (as far as I know) that you can have an Electromyogram. As well as the neurologists that specialize in ALS, there is a team of 5. A Nutritionist, Speech Pathologist, Social Worker, Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist. After your first visit with the neuro, you have a 2 hour appointment with the Team of 5. If you need a walking aid, there is an Orthotist.................ruby from vancouver (surrey)
The ALS clinic I go to is in Memphis, TN. It is also known as the MDA clinic. My neurologist that diagnosed me works there on the one day it is open every week. The support and atmosphere is sooo good there. Everyone cares so much to be sure your needs are met. The MDA support in $ and in loaner equipment is wonderful. In fact - they told us that anything that our insurance doesn't cover (including yearly deductable) the MDA would absorb it! So I walk away with no $ worry. This clinic is also a place where we see resident doctors that are students at UT Med school. They are very nice too. So in short, contact the ALSA.com website and find your local ALS Chapter for support. The website will also tell you probably about the nearest ALS clinic. Hope everything works out well for you. Hang in there each and every day. Rick
Sorry LittleHeart but I'm not sure if you told me whether you are in Canada , US or elsewhere. It makes a difference in who to contact. That's why we ask where you are from in your profile when you sign up. It's not compulsory but it does help. AL.
I am in Alabama GrampAL.
Noone has said anything to us about ALS clinic thats why the questions.
Also since husband has appointment last of this week what are some pertinent questions i need to ask him?
First I'd ask him if he specializes in ALS patients. If he doesn't ask him how many he has. Ask him about a referral to an ALS Clinic. A lot of them won't send you there because they say that they don't do anything for you that he can't. That may be true as far as the disease goes but at the clinic there are usually Respirologists to check his breathing, Occupational Therapists to help with assistive devices(wheelchairs, hospital beds etc) when they are needed and Physical Therapists to help with exercise and mobility issues. There is usually a chaplain on staff that works with ALS patients all the time and has an understanding of what you are going through.
You may not be a religeous person but sometimes it is good to have an objective ear to vent on.
The ALSA has a website that will give information on the clinics and other information to help you. The clinic also has information on medicare and medicade programs (think that's what they are called down there) and other organizations to help you.
It's hard to tell you questions to ask about your husbands condition because we don't really know him. Make sure you write down every question you think of this week. Take the paper with you. You won't remember them all without it. Let us know how you make out. AL.
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