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Aug 21, 2014
Learn about ALS
I am a 28 year old female. In May my hands started to feel strange, like they weren't working properly. I often miss where I mean to grab (toilet paper, door handle, etc) and it would take a second try to get it right. I have dropped a few things. I feel as though my hands are weak but I still have a strong grip. This now goes for my arms as well as my legs. They feel weak and funny. I have the perception of being weak but I'm not actually "weak" with the exception of dropping things. I am one of many who has landed my way into the fear of ALS from my symptom googling habit so I apologize in advance if I sound ridiculous. Its just that I have read Im just a bit confused because I seem to keep finding information that contradicts its self. I and have read about how its not a "feeling of weakness" it IS weakness as in the muscle doesn't work, its limp...However I have also read that it can be a gradual thing... I saw a Neuro a few months ago and she did the typical strength tests and said if I had ALS I wouldn't be able to stand or move my arms.... which I know isn't true. At night my legs do tingle which I know can be a sign that its not ALS. Im just confused.

I'm truly sorry if I am wasting your time and I thank you in advance for any advice or insight (and for all the other reposes you have given to others like me, you have amazing information and PATIENCE so thank you)
You aren't wasting anyone's time. Dropping things, loss of functions etc. Doesn't mean ALS but it does mean some investgation. You'll hear in response that it doesn't sound like ALS and it doesn't but you owe it to your peace of mind to keep alert, write stuff down and find a real neuro doc who doesn't give a hair - brained answer.
I agree with Media. It sounds like part of the issue is lack of coordination? Missing? Plus the feeling of weakness not particularly ALS like but something that should be explored. See your primary physician and ask for a second neuro opinion. There are a lot of things it could be and pretty much all have to be better than ALS
I know every case is different but is it common to affect both hands at the same time and progress in both limbs the same, and then to the legs? Im an expat and don't have a primary care physician so I may just go to another Neuro and hope to get some answers then.
Bowsersmom, you're right to say there is confusing information. It's a very complex disease and the specialists need to rule out a thousand different diseases before settling on ALS.

Fortunately, your neurologist said you don't have ALS. He may not have said it very well, but he said it.

Tingling and funny feelings and lack of coordination are concerning, but they point AWAY from ALS.

Good luck with your doctors discovering what might be the problem.
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