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Jun 16, 2007
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Hello. My name is Laurie Harris and my brother-in-law has been suffering from ALS for 11 years. His illness has reached the very late stage and we do not expect him to see 2008. I am writing today on behalf of my 12 year old niece, Eliza Nash of San Antonio, Texas. Eliza has won awards in the past for her excellence in raising funds for the ALS Walk (She has single-handedly raised over $30,000).

Recently, Eliza expressed a desire to go on the Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about her experience with ALS and to help raise awareness to find a cure. She asked me to ask everyone I know to submit a request to to have Eliza on the show to tell her story. To date, Oprah's website has received at least 100 submissions regarding Eliza Nash. We have not heard a response from the show's producers yet and frankly, I am not sure what it will take to get their attention.

Eliza and I were brainstorming and we agreed that Oprah may be interested in profiling other families, in addition to ours, whose lives have been touched by ALS. We are wondering if you could help us with our e-mail campaign to get the attention of the producers of the Oprah show?

Perhaps you would you consider sending out the following e-mail to everyone you know?

Dear Friend,
I am writing today to ask a favor for my 12 year old friend, Eliza Nash. I need your support to help make a dream of hers come true.

Eliza's Dad, Dub Nash, was diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gherig's Disease, 11 years ago so her dad has been sick most of her life. His disease has progressed to a devastating point and he is not expected to see 2008.
Eliza has an incredible way of dealing with this and she is on a mission to find a cure.

That's where you come in.

Eliza has asked me to ask everyone I know to write in to and ask that she be featured on the program. Her goal is simple: she wants to raise awareness about ALS. Eliza has already single-handedly raised over $30,000 on her own and now she wants to step it up a notch.

So if you can take a minute out of your busy day to type a quick note to Oprah, I would appreciate it beyond measure. The address to make a submission is: &plugId=226400002

Your message could read: (or if you want to make it more personal...go for it!)

" Hi Oprah. I am writing to ask that you feature Eliza Nash from San Antonio, TX as a guest on your show. She is trying to help find a cure for ALS which her Dad has. Eliza is a great kid and I am happy to support her."

Also, if you could forward this to other people of influence, we may really be able to get their attention.

Thanks for considering this.


This was just one way we are hoping to get attention. Do you have any other suggestions? Since I live in Maui, Hawaii and Eliza lives in San Antonio, TX, logistics and organizing may be a challenge. Regardless, I am committed to helping Eliza realize her dream of helping to find a cure by meeting with Oprah. If you have any ideas on how to help, I would be grateful beyond measure.

Laurie Harris

p.s. You are also invited to write in to Oprah on behalf of Eliza!

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Everyone, lets get on board and see if we can get the attention of one of the most famous people in the world.
I am on it! I have tried to get her attention before. No response. I think if this is a good enough cause for her, and should be. She has enough money to get the logistics worked out. Or let the Angle Network she has pay for it. I am all for it.


This story sounds alot like my brother. Including symptoms and diagnosed in 2005= 10 years.
I'm so glad to read your replies. I was beginning to wonder if anyone had read my message. So, Operation:Oprah is gaining momentum in San Antonio. I have found a company that has agreed to produce a video request to send to Oprah. Our idea is to have Eliza narrate (she is super dynamic) and feature 3 families whose lives have been touched by ALS. We will submit it under the show's request for submissions under the topic of "Paying it forward". It may be a challenge to get 3 families taped and edited onto one video to send to Oprah but with today's technology, I am sure it is possible. Do you know anyone who might want to join forces? Ideally we can find patients and families who are turning thier tragedy into a way to help others through fundraising, etc.

Check out Once you are there, look to the right side of the page and click on Hatteberg's People- Jeff Hallowell.

Jeff is also campaigning to appear on Oprah to promote both his own "pay it forward" agenda and to bring awareness about ALS. I e-mailed Jeff and asked him if he would like to combine efforts and I await his reply. I'm getting very excited about the possibilities. Here are a few words from my sister on the the way- she is my hero.

"i like the pay it forward theme as it fits for this particular disease. since there is no treatment or cure, "paying it forward" seems like the only concept of real control those people affected by als have in this life. it also lines up with my dying well book that's basic principle of who we truly are meant to be in this life is: 1) children of God 2) brothers and sisters of each other and 3) parents of generations to come. #3 emphasizing the "pay it forward" idea. I think that looking at death and "doing it well" as a means of paying it forward brings comfort and a true sense of purpose to us. of course i'm coming at this from a less "cure seeking " stance at this point, but based on the reality of dub's miraculous run with this detestable disease, i think we can still see it as inspiring."

I look forward to more replies...Oprah here we come!
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I don't see- Hatteberg's People- Jeff Hallowell.

I am gain, I am sure Timothy would be too.

Also it may be a good idea to get people in the different stages of ALS and their backgrounds since it does not discriminate. So it will give a good awareness of how a persons life is affected. Maybe we can even get a Doctor to do a video? I am seeing a Neuro/Scientist that studies and researches underlying and all Neuromuscular Disorders July 13th, maybe I can get him on board. He is suppose to be top notch.

This is something I put on my Brothers site:

"ALS has no prejudice — it occurs worldwide, with no age, ethnic or economic boundaries"

I am Advocating for ALS. I will not stop till I drop!

I've became very, very good at Harrassing people that we need to get the attention of. I am surprised My Senators and Local House of Rep. Haven't blocked my E-Mail address or returned my letters.

Tell Eliza that I am very proud or her for the Strength and Courage and the Determination that she is putting into this. That is what it takes. Often you can't find this in a lot of Adults.

If you go to and click in their search box and then put jeff hallowell, his story should come up. Today I had news that a radio station in Chicago wants to interview
Eliza and help to get her on the show. Jeff has also requested that the NBC affiliate in Eliza's town do a story. I like the idea of profiling patients at different stages. In fact, we are also in touch with Ben Byers who has an incredible film "Indestructible", Have you heard of it? It's an amazing story. Check out I will make sure to keep you posted of our progress. In the meantime, the best support is to continue the e-mail campaign and ask everyone you know to ask everyone they know to write to and ask her to feature Eliza Nash from San Antonio. Sooner or later they will have to take notice and just think...when they do you will know it's because you helped. Thanks! Laurie
Good Luck

Good Luck on Operation Oprah!

My wifes friends tried the same thing last year... They wrote about thier best friend "Gail" (my wife) and her battle. Tried to hit a nerve becuase Oprah's best friend is "Gail" King.

We didn't get there but you don't have a chance if you don't try!

Raising awareness one person at a time.

I tried

I tried to write our story and support this but after about 20 minutes of typing, when I submitted it, it said, "try again, your submission didn't go through"

I should try again.

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