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Oh, my God! Look what I found!

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Jul 14, 2007
Oh God, this just caught my eye! Thank you so much Al, Cindy and David! Did I get it right? God bless you guys! Now we need to get the ball rolling! Thank you! Thank You! God bless! :-D


sorry--been off line a while:confused:. What caught your eye? Wasn't included w/ ur post.

lex., ky.
Am I going blind now too?

Okay, everybody. David just created this special section about an hour ago. We have been discussing what to do about deceased members. Seems unfair to leave them up as still active but we wanted to acknowlege them in some fashion. Gradually we will be moving the names of members who have passed to this section. If you know of anyone who should be listed here, please help.

Irma, you're OK. We all feel like we know your son by now because of the tender way you talk about him. No doubt he would have been a great member if he'd discovered us while still on this earth. Come to htink of it, we have had quite a few first timers around here lately who joined while making a sad anouncement. This is a good place for that, too. Regards, Cindy
Cindy, thank you so much for your beautiful words. My son would have loved this site. I only wish he had known about it. I felt so lost when he passed, I just didn't know what to do, and I am so thankful our Father directed me to this site. At night when I say my prayers, after I am finished, I do some reading, then lay down and think about you guys. I do this every night, Isn't that amazing? God bless each one of you. I have noticed that Cindy, we have a lot of newcomers, and some of them are within my area. There is one member from Tomball that has not been online since her husband passed about a month ago. Do you remember Vickie? Her husband's name was Jon. She must still be grieving, bless her! I'm out, Cindy. You guys are doing a super job! God bless!

Thank you Al!

Thanks for passing on this suggestion Al. I'm glad that David felt it worthwhile. I also noticed the "Stories of Hope" section I'd suggested. Now I feel after all this time, I have actually contributed something to the forum!

Hi there, Now I too know what we found! What a wonderful idea. This Forum is the BEST. My Best to all, Beebe
DUH, Now I get it. I'm getting so slow in my golden years. :)
I should have read the title.
Great thread.

God Bless
Capt AL
So let's start filling it up, guys! We all must know a PAL who no longer is with us. Adding their names to this section is a way to keep them with us! Cindy
DUH, Now I get it. I'm getting so slow in my golden years. :)
I should have read the title.
Great thread.

God Bless
Capt AL

hi everyone,
i'm new to the site, my father-in law was diagnosed april 07.
it's really nice to read all of your helpful and encouraging stories.
thank you so much!
Welcome to the Forum Louise. I know you will find a lot of help here. Jump right in with any questions you may have.

God bless
Capt AL
Cindy one person that I remember much is young Chad Bowman

Young Chad Bowman is always in my mind.

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CAL to husband Jorge who passed away Dec. 30th. 2008
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