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Apr 20, 2005
Many may see my posts as being negative and I have no problem with that. We are entitled to our own opinions.

I am an engineer and have worked in the aerospace world for the past 10 years. Having said this, I live in a black and white world, either some thing works or it doesn't. Partial success or partial failure over any given time is still considered a failure. Though we, through history, have learned much from our past mistakes, gained valuable information, we improve our techniques and all resulting in safer procedures. Dr. Huang on the other hand refuses to publish data he has collected with the 100+ OEC patients he has operated on. His staff performs PFT, MRI, EMG tests on all patients and also video tapes all patients before and after the surgery.

So I ask the ALS community why is Dr. Huang performing these tests when he knows he has no intention on following up with his patients? Could it be part of the smoke and mirrors and the adding to the patients psychological well being? Placebo effects last longer on patients with positive psychological beliefs and outlooks. History has proved this fact over and over.

I will go on record by openly stating that I believe the OEC procedure is on average 75% placebo effect and roughly a 25% boost to the patients body. The new O.E. cells injected into the patient live and or survive in the patients body for about 3 months where they either die naturally or are eliminated by the immune system.

To conclude: FACT: China’s average individual’s income is approximately $6,000.00 US per year. The average cost to the OEC patient is $20,000.00 US. Now with 100+ OEC patients under Dr. Huang’s belt he has collected over $2,000,000.00 US. Lets assume Dr. Huang’s overhead is $1M to $1.5M US this still leaves a surplus of $500,000.00 US. With my very generic figures and reasoning I think I have clearly shown that if Dr. Huang truly does care about PALS he would hire a staff of around half dozen data collectors. These data collectors could track the first 100 OEC patients (17 patients / collector) monitor the PALS monthly health by a standardized health chart.

I’m not here to demoralize or undermine Dr. Huang’s intellect or OEC procedure but basic science rules & data collection 101 skills are being left out of his overall formula. I encourage and welcome all concerns and comments.

I admire your honesty! Some people only want good news and praise but that isn't always possible. On another someone was recently complaining that after they mentioned their mother was having oec surgery they were not getting the support they expected. What a joke! If people don't want to hear the cons along with the proes they should not ask for opinions.

I suspect, many oec patients are embarrassed to report their experience because they don't want to admit they were duped!

I'm not saying you feel duped, Jeff, but you may feel you were mislead. I applaud you for telling the truth as you see it.

Geia hara
Positive or Negative

For ME (see I said me for the gnit pickers out there) , it is a negative. It is like making the lab rats pay to be studied. With no sceintific background MY view is, this would remove my wife of money she will soon need while giving ME short term gain. For the young and sponsored it is different I guess.
I would have to agree with everyone here. I think the stem cell trials are the way of the future but just boring into someones skull and injecting cells seems a little primitive to me. I think the sophistication will come when they learn to clone our own cells and heal our own bodies. Some researchers are working on this theory now. I hope I'm around to see it.
Hi Al:

That's what Neil was working on... autologous stem cells. They are not as potent as fetal stem cells, but less controversial. The OEC stem cells were an interesting read and I checked it out when we first heard about them a few months back on this site. I contacted a bunch of researchers since Mary had dramatic olefactory loss (probably how she could stand to live with me for so long). The consensus was that OEC stem cells only replicated olefactory cells... not neurons. Which leads us to the original question as to whether the treatment was negative or positive.

Strangely enough, the scientific community doesn't run around trying to prove that stuff works... they assume that it doesn't work and then try to disprove that... the null hypothesis! That way a negative outcome is positive since it is what they expected and thus clears a bit of the puzzle. That a bunch of people fled to China for a treatment that has been proven not to work is sad, but has happenned before and will happen again since ALS victims don't have the time to spare and aren't inclined to look into the horses mouth when somebody is offering a solution. Other treatments will be used and abused so it's buyer beware... when you see a medical journal publish... it'll be time to jump!

I think that the successful treatment for ALS will come about through rigorous science. The woman at U of T that you spoke of has dedicated much of her young life to ALS research and was recruited by the university to set up a brand new neurological lab... not shabby at all.

... long winded reply to the question.... it is positive in its own negativity!

Strangely enough I was contacted by an old neighbor today that works with a guy that had just come back from Mexico after receiving stem cell injections for his eyes. Supposedly he has seen (no pun intended) quite an improvement in his vision and was telling this guy that a lot of ALS patients are seeking treatment in Mexico. I asked him to find out what he could about it. Purely curiosity. I have no real desire to visit Mexico. The last time I heard about ALS treatments was when people went there when they outlawed rattlesnake venom as a treatment in the US.
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