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Apr 2, 2024
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Good Evening all,

First off, thank you to everyone for taking the time to read my story. I am a male in my mid 30s and I’ve been having some very odd sensations over the past 2 months.

It all started in early February. I was waking up at night with numbness/tingling of face, arms, and legs. Feeling would return after a minute or two of waking. After about 2 weeks, I went to see my doctor who told me not to worry, that I was just stressed (I am interviewing for new jobs after 11 years at my current job, had a job offer and lost it, moving across the country this summer, other stressors going on at work).

By the end of February, I started to get daytime symptoms: tingling in both legs, but worse on my right side. Constant twitching in both legs and lower back. Pain/cramps in legs at times. Legs feel tired and weak.

I went back to my doctor who ordered blood work and brain MRI which all came back normal. Now my nighttime symptoms have mostly gone away.

ALS hadn't even crossed my mind initially because the doctor only mentioned he was looking for viral issues or MS. But now that my only symptoms seem to be tingling, twitching, weakness, and occasional cramping in my legs and feet, I am starting to wonder. I only notice the twitching and tingling while at rest.

Have any of you had or ever heard of these symptoms as possible signs of ALS?

Thank you all for your time, and please take care.
I very much doubt it. I would ask about a sleep study. You can also check out your sleep for gross abnormalities using a wearable. Sleep issues/movement or breathing disorders can cause daytime problems as well.
Thank you for your response. It’s funny, that was the first thing I said to my doctor when I saw him initially. He said he considered me low risk for sleep apnea and didn’t recommend doing a sleep study at the time. It might be time to press him on it again. I appreciate your advice!

I did an EMG recently and received the results. Unfortunately it showed some alarming abnormalities. I have attached it here, does this raise any red flags to you? The tech who did it is not a neurologist and I am waiting on an appointment with my neurologist to get her thoughts, but this is what the tech said: “There is electrophysiologic evidence of chronic axonal pathology with ongoing denervation suggestive of a bilateral S1 radiculopathy. There is no electrophysiologic evidence suggestive of motor neuron disease, peripheral nerve entrapment, or myopathic process.”

So this all sounds like relatively good news, but I’m still pretty worried. Any insight would be appreciated.


Here is the part that we focus on in this forum, all else must be addressed with your care providers:

"There is no electrophysiologic evidence suggestive of motor neuron disease..."

What they are seeing is signs of a pinched nerve. And the cause and next steps for this is best discussed with your neurologist as they have the ability to order more imaging (should it be needed) and can direct your care. This EMG has eliminated ALS from the cause of your symptoms.

Take care
Thank you so much for your reply. I will wait for my appointment with my neuro and go from there. Please take care!
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