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Jan 15, 2007
Hello Everyone. I am having a very rough night. My legs are cramping severely and my hamstrings feel like they are being pulled apart. I am on medicine for the cramping but it is not working very well tonight. I start the ALS clinic on the 23rd and I cannot wait. I need relief! Any suggestions for the cramping?
You would need a Rx from your MD Call his office he may give you one over the phone without going in. If you can get into a tub Take a hot bath at bed time and try not to stretch too much in bed or turn alot That will encouage the cramping If you cannot get into a tub try warm compresses on the affected area Hope that helped Pat
Hi tabney. Which meds are you on for the cramping and what dosage? Quinine and Baclofen seem to work best for most of us here.
My dad just began experiencing sever cramping also and I wondered if there were medications that helped with that. Thanks Al for the advice...:mrgreen:
I find it helps to keep my legs propped up as often as possible. And my Doctor says it helps to stretch during the day. I sometimes wear thick support stockings to bed - can't say it actually helps anything but it makes me feel good to be doing SOMETHING! Also I rely on Quinine. It is the best thing for my cramps. Cindy
Hi Tabney
My neuro told me that calcium is good for relief of muscle cramps. He also said that the cheapest calcium product is Tums. When my legs or arms start cramping up, I pop a couple of tums and it seems to work fairly well.

Also with quinine, go to the grocery store and get a bottle of tonic water. That has quinine in it...gin is optional.:-D

My doc said I would have to drink enough tonic water to float away. He never said if the gin would help or not. (LOL) Cindy
thanks for the advice and laughs

I think I will try the gin!:mrgreen:
I tried the tonic water and it tastes terrible. Didn't work either. 4 parts gin 1 part dry vermouth works quite well. Shaken not stirred.
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