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Mar 29, 2005
Hello everyone,

my name is sara and i am in my last year of nursing school and will be graduating in may of this year.

i am interested in learning about this illness by perhaps using this forum to speak to those of you who experiencing this illness. i want to know about your life experience living with als. what are some of the signs and symtoms that you have dealt with or are dealing with. have you needed nursing care thus far, and how were those experiences? (how did the nurses act, were they knowledgeable about your illness?)

i really want to know more about this chronic illness so that i can provide excellent care to these patients.

one large nursing concept that i see when i think about als is courage. i believe that each and every one of you that suffer from this illness have a large amount of courage. can any of you relate courage to your own personal experiences?

i truly thank you for your time! and i pray soon there be a cure for this illness!
Hi Sara. I think no one answered your post because they think that if yoou go back and read the past posts you will find most of the information that you are looking for. If not post specific questions and I'm sure one of us will answer.Also congratulations on entering the field of nursing. My daughter is an ER nurse. It is a very difficult but rewarding profession as long as you don't let the hospital administration and the politics of it get you down. Good Luck.
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